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I’ve Heard the Future of Talk Radio, and His Name Is Chris Plante

If you haven’t caught Chris Plante’s radio show, anchored out of its flagship station WMAL in D.C., and now syndicated nationally through Westwood One, you owe it to yourself to tune in to the man who the sages (me, in all humility, included) at The American Spectator truly believe is the heir apparent, the dauphin prince if you will, to King Rush (long may he reign).

Talk radio is a tough and crowded field and you have to have the goods to stand out amidst the competition. And boy oh boy does this guy have a full portfolio.

A talk radio host, to do his job well, has to delicately balance the role of informer and entertainer. That balance has been key to Rush’s magic and above all it has been Rush’s brazen and unabashed humor that has driven the left batty all these many years. Similarly, you cannot get through a Chris Plante segment without paroxysms of laughter. Those of you who catch him while traversing the Washington beltway, as I do, may want to consider an extra rider on your car insurance.

And those of you who like cultural and entertainment references mixed into and contextualized with your politics; Plante, with tart and acerbic glee, gives the great Dennis Miller, who often over-stretches his allusions, a run for his money.

And did we ever need humor to get through parts of this last election?

The day after a “flu suffering” Hillary staggered out of the 9/11 memorial and had to be hoisted and dragged in her van, a Chris Plante listener could hear a strange thumping noise through the Plante microphone the next morning. What could be making that noise, the listener wonders? Why, it was a bag of potatoes that Chris affectionately named “Hillary” and lugged into the studio.

And then my personal favorite Plante interjection. Days before the election, after torturing the audience with an extended screed by a paranormally shrill Hillary, Plante quipped: “My God, that’s gotta be the sound you hear when you stuff a cat into a burlap bag and feed it into a wood chipper.”

It’s spot on, but where does he come up with this stuff? I’m surprised he didn’t get death threats from PETA (probably did).

But it’s on the other side of the balance sheet that Chris’s true assets really stand out. There is simply no one in talk radio (perhaps in all media) who can spot, diagnose, and lay bare the pathologies of the corrupt nexus between liberalism, the Democrat party, and the media better than this man. His autopsies are as ruthless as unsurprising given his background (more on that below).

Last Wednesday, to open his show, Plante, in a scathing Kalashnikov like rat-ta-tat, ran through the latest bout of media malpractice and bias in a Sonny Corleone at the tollbooth like frenzy:

Here’s David Gregory leading the circlefest, he looks like a gibbon doesn’t he? He does. His wife represents Hillary’s people in the State Department as their attorney, doesn’t she? Yes, she does.

Hey wait a minute, doesn’t “Chunk” Todd’s wife work for the Sanders campaign? Well she sure did. She took in more than 1.9 million dollars from the Sander’s campaign.

Hey wait a minute, doesn’t that create a conflict of interest? No, absolutely not, not by NBC News’ ethical standards.

Didn’t “Chunk” interview Bernie Sanders on Sunday? He sure did. Was it a good interview? Oh, it was an award winning interview, he should get a Lucite block for that interview.

So did he ask Bernie about the bank fraud, FBI investigation where his wife is the target and he is also the target and they both had to get teams of lawyers to defend themselves against the FBI’s investigation into possible bank fraud by Senator Sanders and his wife? No, that didn’t come up in the interview with “Chunk.”

Well surely the fact that the gunman that mowed down Republicans at a baseball field was a big Bernie Sanders supporter, a volunteer for Bernie Sanders, that Bernie Sanders was all over his Facebook page and his web presence. Surely the fact that the gunman visited Bernie Sanders office on Capitol Hill and met with Bernie Sanders’ staffer; surely that came up in the “Chunk” interview? No, no that didn’t come up in the “Chunk” interview. That never came up? No, it didn’t. Huh?

How about the fact that a Bernie Sanders supporter murdered two people on a train, stabbing them to death, after he went crazy attacking a women wearing a hijab… no, that didn’t come up.

That barrage, by the way, took under two minutes. Which gives you a sense of the prosecutor’s wrath with which Plante exfoliates media bias.

It comes from the zeal of the converted. Plante spent 17 years at CNN, including ten years as Pentagon correspondent. So he can name names and even more importantly recognize the insidious game, from a former insider’s view, that the media play as they continue to abase themselves in fealty to the left, all the while wrapping themselves in the cloak of “Fourth Estate” sanctimony.

His sense of outrage at media corruption may also have an even more personal foundation. Chris’s stepfather was a highly respected State Department and White House Correspondent for CBS.

I sense that he sees the media’s corruption and departure from basic professional ethics as a betrayal not only of his professional standards, but those of his stepfather as well.

Trust me, folks. He is a force to be reckoned with. Listen to him, dear reader. You will learn, and laugh.

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