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Is the Left Losing on Abortion?

It looks like the Democrats are steadily losing the war on women.

The state of West Virginia, which votes for Republican presidents but has a Democratic governor and state legislature, passed a ban on abortions after 20 weeks because babies are viable outside the womb and can feel pain.

West Virginia is the first Democrat-ruled state to do so, and the vote was not even close:

The state’s Democrat-led House the House passed the bill 85-15, according to the Associated Press. The Senate had previously passed the bill 25 to 9, according to the Herald Dispatch.

The outstanding support for the ban should encourage the pro-life community. Even liberals are having a hard time justifying abortions when premature babies have survived outside the womb after 20 weeks.

Likewise, Wendy Davis won her Texas primary with ease, but the counties she lost had large Hispanic populations. Davis’s only chance at winning rests on securing the female and minority vote, but with large Catholic Hispanic populations, she underestimated how important abortion would be to that sector of her base.

And in Missouri, legislators have more than 30 pieces of pro-life legislation on their desks. These laws include requirements for a three-day waiting period and a mandatory video and information packet women would have to watch/receive before having an abortion. One law requires that minors inform their parents and acquire consent from at least one parent before an abortion. Another requires abortion clinics to have quarterly state inspections. For monetary incentive, some bills provide tax credits to crisis and adoption centers and ease advertising restrictions on pro-life organizations.

Because of Missouri’s red state status, even with backlash from furious pro-abortion groups, they will likely pass at least some of those laws.

With both modern science and religion working against them, the Democrats’ war against the pro-life movement might just backfire. Where they claim the baby is just a fetus, technology can see a beating heart. Where they claim abortion is a woman’s right and a benefit to minority communities, some of those groups are denying the left their vote.

Social conservatives might be losing ground on the marriage debate, but they should take heart. Protection for the life of the unborn is becoming more and more of a reality. These may seem like small steps, but each one softens America’s conscience to unborn life.

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