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Iran Sanctions Back From The Dead?

As I wrote yesterday, there is no Iran deal, and the reason the Obama administration is pretending otherwise is to stop legislation that would trigger sanctions absent an actual deal in June — and it seemed to be working, inasmuch as Senator Mark Kirk had said that his bill to do just that was now on ice.

Today Ayatollah Khamenei gave a speech emphatically underscoring that Iran hasn’t agreed to what the Obama administration claims they’ve agreed to, and Eli Lake reports that Kirk is going to try to move his bill forward after all:

Kirk initially delayed pushing for a full Senate vote on his bill because it appeared the president and Secretary of State John Kerry had actually gotten the Iranians to agree on a political framework for a nuclear deal — the bottom line stipulation for an earlier agreement by 12 Senate Democrat supporters of Kirk’s bill to hold off on voting for it.

Now Kirk feels that there isn’t much of an agreement at all. As he told me Thursday, “Because Iran refuses to agree to the same framework for a final deal as the United States, and because Iran still strongly disputes basic issues like how a final deal will address comprehensive sanctions relief, uranium enrichment, and coming clean on Iran’s military nuclear activities, I believe the full Senate should vote, sooner rather than later, on the bipartisan Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2015.”

In January, after President Obama threatened to veto new sanctions legislation, I made the case for Kirk’s bill over at The Federalist.

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