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Insane Trump


So, it’s Sunday night and the internet is lit up like a Christmas tree with Senator Al Franken’s comments about President Trump on CNN this morning. Al, a true genius, and a longtime friend, said that some GOP Senators were saying that Mr. Trump was “not right in the head” or something like that, and was not qualified to hold high office. Of course, the GOP solons were not named. And, of course, it’s a favorite political cliché to call your opponent insane. The Democrats in particular like this. It’s a lot like the 1950s-60s Soviets labeling unwanted people “insane” and locking them in brutal mental wards until they died.

But Al is a comedian by training, and his comments actually made me laff out loud.

Trump, you see, is “crazy” because he insists that there was widespread voter fraud in the last election. Frankly, I question indeed whether Trump’s right about that. Fraud, of course. But 2 or 3 million votes? So, that might be a little wacky.

But is it as wacky as bringing call girls into the White House when your wife was out of town the way JFK did? Is it as wacky as sharing a mistress with mob boss Sam Giancana the way JFK also did? Is it as wacky as Lyndon Johnson amassing a BILLION DOLLAR fortune in free broadcast licenses on a $12,500 salary when he was overseeing the FCC on Congress was? Was it as wacky as Johnson starting an unwinnable war in Vietnam over a faked naval incident when that war cost over a million lives?

Was Mr. Trump insisting that there was widespread voter fraud as crazy as Bill Clinton having a 22-year-old intern perform fellatio on him under his desk while he was talking to a Congressional Committee Chairman on the Oval Office phone? Was it as crazy as Mr. Clinton staring right into the camera and swearing he “never had sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky”? Was anything Mr. Trump has done as outright crazy as Bill Clinton fencing with a prosecutor about what “the meaning of ‘is’ is”?

Al Franken says Mr. Trump is crazy because he “lies a lot.” Really? Al, mon frère, he’s in POLITICS! Has he lied about anything as much as Mrs. Hillary Clinton did about Benghazi? Has he told any falsehoods that involved putting a totally innocent man in prison on the insanely false charge that his cartoon about Mohammed inspired the killings of the U.S. Ambassador and his U.S. bodyguards? Has he told any lies even remotely as blatant as HRC’s about where her internet terminal was and what she was using it for? Has he spread any falsehoods as wicked as Mrs. Clinton’s calling her husband’s lovers liars and whores?

If telling lies shows a politician is insane, time for the straitjacket and the Mellaril for Barry Obama for calling the bravest political leader since Caesar, Bibi Netanyahu, “a chicken s–t coward.” Time for the electro shock coronet for Mr. Obama for his promise that under Obamacare we could all keep our same doctors and insurance plans. Time for Prozac and Trilafon for Mr. Barack Obama for swearing something about a “red line” that Mr. Bashar Assad would not be allowed to cross. Is doing something morally wrong grounds for calling him insane? How about Barry not vetoing the anti-Israel UN resolutions that the U.S. has always vetoed until we had Barack Hussein Obama as President?

Is Donald Trump crazy? Of course. That’s why he lost the election so badly.

Buck up, Democrats. Stop gossiping like 8th graders and actually do something constructive instead of sneering and smearing. Mr. Trump did not win the election. You gave it to him and you’re doing it again. People might not read much but they sure can smell.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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