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I’ll Tell You What’s Next

The President is right, when he asks, “What’s next?” It’s a logical question, but logic and fact don’t work against a movement like the alt-left, given that “logical-alt-left” qualifies as the true definition of oxymoron. No different than saying “trusted senator,” or connecting “Islam” with “peace” in the same sentence. So, how do you fight a group of people so far over the top? If their cause weren’t so fanatically disturbing and dangerous, it would be comical. You do it by raising the top. Electing President Trump was raising the top. Now it’s time we go even higher.

You want statues replaced? Fine. You want to replace an Asian sportscaster from broadcasting a sporting event because his name is Robert Lee, or call Don Lemon a journalist? Also fine. You want to try impeach the President on the grounds of moral incompetence? Have at it. By the way Senators Corker and Scott: Is it not morally wrong to make a seven-year promise and then break it? I’m just curious about your understanding of moral stability. James Clapper, as I can recall from your lack of recall, during your testimony, you might not be one to comment on a person’s mental competence. And, since we know that a majority of the Congress suffers from the chronic and debilitating condition known as “spinal stenosis,” they obviously don’t have the voters’ back. So, let’s just go for it, like we did that fateful November 8th. You on the left think that you are the only ones who can make demands. Well, baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  1. I want an immediate DNA test performed on Maxine Waters and Al Sharpton. Not that this would do anything other than corroborate my suspicions, that he is her illegitimate son.
  2. George Soros has acknowledged collaborating with the Nazis, so a war crimes tribunal would make interesting fare.
  3. It’s not right for those who suffer from a gluten allergy to constantly have to see bread, and all things related to wheat, so I call for the immediate halt of wheat sales in the United States.
  4. I personally get repulsed, and feel threatened every time I see a Pink Floyd T-shirt, since the only difference between Roger Waters and a Nazi is that at least the Nazi admits to being one. So, I call for the boycott and divestment of all things Floyd. Let’s sanction them to the Middle East (Israel not included of course). Cat Stevens can be the opening act.
  5. Women are distracting, they should not be allowed in public.
  6. Gyms make me feel inadequate, no more gyms.
  7. I don’t drink. Let’s get rid of booze.
  8. I’m terrible at twitter, and don’t have many followers or support. So, bye-bye twitter.
  9. We should all have a Go Fund Me page, because “why not?”
  10. Whatever bothers you let’s just get rid of.

I don’t like many Jews, so can we get rid of some? Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, that’s already been tried countless times. We all have gripes, and we’ve all been hurt at some point in our lives. We’ve made countless mistakes as a country, but for every mistake there have been countless triumphs. Now, I know the counter argument can be: “You don’t know what it’s like.” Well, as a Jew who never plays the card, even when that could have been the only reason I failed my first road test, and who happens to be sober, and who happens to be a conservative, and who also happens to live in Los Angeles, I can say I do. I fight daily onslaughts of derogatory statements, online and via text, and that’s just from people I once considered “friends.”

We need statues, and we need symbols, to remind us of the good and sometimes, sadly, to remind us of the bad. But, the idea of mass tattoo removal from anyone who has a Swastika tattoo has never crossed my mind. And, to a Jew, that symbol is as painful as any statue erected in this great land, if not more. And, by the way, for the love of humanity, can you protesters, one time, as you drive to your next protest, buy signs in a store, get a bite to eat, and a new hoodie for your little roundup? Just once, acknowledge one good thing about this country.

What separates us from every other country, and I mean every, is that we never had to worry about what was next. We were built on the foundation of coexistence, as painful as it was, and the growing pains it encompassed. You don’t cure alcoholism by getting rid of alcohol, you don’t banish thoughts and ideas you disagree with, or musicians who drive you mad and you don’t get rid of statues that cause pain. Why? Simply, because that is not what gets rid of the ill. Or, you do, and the next time you fly back from abroad, you will hear the pilot kindly say: “Welcome to the people’s republic. The temperature is ninety-six degrees. I have no clue as to what you should be wearing. Be careful what you say, and, of course, thank you for flying One Thought airline.” Isn’t this the next logical destination?

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