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I Sent Huffington Post to Its Safe Place

Our writer receives a dressing down for daring to support and endorse Donald Trump.

Melissa Clouthier, managing editor of The American Spectator, asked me earlier this month to author, “The Thinking Man’s Guide to Donald Trump: Why Donald Trump Should Be President.” My only question was how long. She said 750 to 1,000. She liked it. I liked it. Readers liked it. And Jennifer Sabin, formerly of ABC News, hated it. Her response at Huffington Post was worthy of the Never Trump crowd. I could almost see her feet stomp.

I began my piece (and you can and should read it here):

If a year ago someone told me I would be an advocate of Donald Trump, I would have laughed, because everyone knew he was a joke with a toupee. But on August 27, 2015, at a rally in Greenville, South Carolina, when Mary Margaret Bannister pulled his hair, we learned he does not wear a wig.

And in researching my upcoming book, Trump the Press, I learned he is no joke. He has developed the leadership skills needed to lead the free world.

In December 2014, Peter Economy of Inc. magazine wrote, “The Top 10 Skills Every Great Leader Needs to Succeed.” Trump has them all.

Readers remember that I supported Scott Walker originally, but I liked Trump’s policy on immigration. Anyway, using examples culled from my exhaustive research over the past five months for my book, Trump the Press, I went over Peter Economy’s 11 points (10 plus a bonus).

Writing off the top of her head, Sabin responded:

I was shopping at a large, discount retailer last week for a dress. I had only 45 minutes, so I quickly grabbed three and found the fitting room. I put the first one on over my head, a pretty, blue dress. It didn’t look great on me, and I started to take it off. But its stiff waist got stuck around my shoulders. I tried to wriggle out of it, but no luck. I started to panic — worried I would have to yell for an employee to help. I took a deep breath, and finally freed myself. I put on my glasses and looked at the label: it was from the Ivanka Trump collection.

The dress is a perfect metaphor. I’m starting to panic that we’re going to be stuck with Ivanka’s father as president. And I’m stuck in the endless feed of stories about Donald, unable to write about much else lately.

The day after the dress incident, a friend sent me an article from The American Spectator called, “Why Donald Trump Should be President,” by Don Surber. My friend said she’d like to see me take on the author, point by point. How could I resist? So here goes. The words in bold are my additions to Surber’s ten points.

1. Inspires and motivates others to hate, and speak freely about it.

Surber’s example is a golfer who Trump encouraged to go for the PGA. Great.

But for some Americans, Trump is the motivational mouthpiece for all the prejudicial things they’ve wanted to say, but didn’t dare. He didn’t create racism or even wake it up. But he gave it permission to come out of the closet, to be shouted and applauded, en masse. His voice is that of an authoritarian leader, and the voices he courts are the angry operatic mob, carrying pitchforks and brimming with malice.

2.  Displays high integrity and honesty about almost nothing.

And so on. Her ordeal with dressing herself reminded me of Trump’s insult of Jonah Goldberg (after he called Trump “a bane of humanity”) in which Trump said Goldberg couldn’t buy a pair of pants. Trump meant afford. I am pretty sure that whatever other faults Goldberg has, he can dress himself.

She left off the bonus point: Champions change. I guess when you support the same-old ’60s socialism that both parties push — one at a slightly slower pace — change is difficult to understand.

Anyway, I left her a comment:

Thanks. I am flattered. Read my blog https://donsurber.blogspot.com and buy my book when it comes out next month.

Because hey, who knows, maybe some day she will learn how to dress herself without going into a panic, and mature into a conservative person.

I did.

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