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Hypocritical Hillary

What an amazing speech in Columbus by Hillary Clinton. She started off by telling the American people what is patently obvious:

‎People are working harder and longer just to keep their heads above water. And to deal with the costs, the everyday costs, the costs of basics like childcare and prescription drugs that are too high. College is getting more expensive every day. And wages are still too low and inequality is too great. Good jobs in this country are still too hard to come by.

All true. Her prescription for this financial crunch on families: keep doing what we are doing.

There was something almost comical about Hillary’s lecturing us about fiscal responsibility, economic fairness, and lifting the middle class. ‎ Wait. Wasn’t she part of the Obama administration which also promised all these things? And haven’t those policies given us the weakest recovery ever since the Great Depression, a massive increase in income inequality, a shrinkage of the middle class, and a near doubling of the national debt to $19 trillion.

What’s on the next episode of the Twilight Zone? The Menendez brothers explaining how to be respectful to one’s parents.

One of her more spectacular claims was that here “in America we pay our bills,” in reference to Trump’s sensible idea of refinancing out debt to lock in historically low interest rates. Not this president. Ringing up some $8 trillion of debt is hardly “paying the bills.” It’s passing them on to the next generation.

Hillary slammed Trump for not understanding the new economy and job creation, which is also a bold claim since Donald Trump is a highly successful businessman who actually has created thousands of jobs, while Hillary has gotten rich off of… politics. ‎

Hillary’s attacks on Trump were a subterfuge to deflect attention from the most remarkable part of her rant. What was billed as a “major economic speech” was entirely bereft of new ideas. The left’s idea cupboard is entirely empty so Hillary had to serve yesterday’s soup.

Her policy solutions to helping the middle class were raise the minimum wage, tax the rich, and spend more on infrastructure. Gee, where have we seen this before? Oh yes, this is Obamanomics Part Deux.

The class warfare theme ran throughout the speech, and yet this presents Hillary with another uncomfortable problem. Obama has raised the minimum wage, he already has spent $830 billion on infrastructure stimulus spending, and he ‎has taxed the bejesus out of the rich. And the result wasn’t more equality and a resurgent middle class, but an angry and worried worker class that hasn’t seen a pay raise in 15 years and with household incomes in the last seven years that have fallen behind inflation. Some 95 million Americans aren’t working and the poverty rate is still hellishly high.

On trade she trashed Trump for closing our markets and threatening a trade war and then she recommended trade policies that seem almost the same as Trump’s. Get tougher in trade deals. Punish China for cheating. Renegotiate the Asia trade pact. Trump should sue for plagiarism.

Hillary made the claim that Trump hates working women, but the Obama/Clinton policies have been anything but beneficial to women. Single women have seen some of the biggest income declines under Obama. So who hates women?!

For his part, Donald Trump does have a pro-growth agenda. He would cut tax rates as Reagan and JFK did to bring jobs back to America. He has a pro-America energy policy to make the U.S. the fossil fuel powerhouse of the world. He would roll back Obamacare and balance the budget with spending reforms and economic growth while rolling back the Obama regulatory assault on business.

Meanwhile, poor Hillary is selling the American voters sand in the desert: four more years of stay the course economic bromides at a time when two out of three voters say that the U.S. is on the wrong, not the right, track.

She should listen to her husband who in a rare moment of complete honesty called the last seven years “awful.” Voters share that sentiment. If Hillary wants to run on this economy, Donald Trump would be smart to tell her: Hillary, it’s all yours.

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