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HuffPost Reporter Actually Chides Netanyahu for Not Reading Iran Deal

The snarkiest thing I have read about the nuclear deal with Iran comes from Jessica Schulberg of the Huffington Post. There is much to be snarky about concerning the Iran nuclear deal. Unfortunately, Schulberg’s snark is directed at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The headline reads, “Benjamin Netanyahu Doesn’t Need To Read The Iran Deal To Know He Hates It.” Now, speaking from personal experience, the headlines I choose for my articles aren’t always what appears online. That could be the case here, but judging by the following I doubt it:

Netanyahu’s judgment of the 159-page agreement came before the public release of the text of the deal. He blamed the nuclear agreement on the willingness of the negotiators to reach a deal “at any cost,” a thinly veiled criticism of President Barack Obama, whom the Israeli premier has long sparred with on the topic of Iran’s nuclear program.

In March, the Israeli prime minister traveled to Washington, without an invitation from the White House, to rally Congress against the ongoing nuclear talks with Iran.

All of this assumes that Netanyahu didn’t know the content of the agreement before its public release. Given that this agreement puts Israel’s existence into jeopardy, Netanyahu has a vested interest in knowing its content beforehand and saw to it that this information was obtained. This would be true regardless of who Israel’s Prime Minister is.

Notice how Schulberg makes a point of saying that Netanyahu traveled to Washington “without an invitation from the White House,” as if he were an intruder. Bibi might have been unwelcome by the Obama administration. But last I checked Congress is still a co-equal branch of government and is fully within its rights to invite anyone it sees fit to address it.

It should be noted that Schulberg previously worked at the New Republic where she wrote this gem after the Senate threatend to level sanctions against the Palestinian Authority when Mahmoud Abbas saw fit to join the ICC:

It is unclear why Palestinian membership in an international organization designed to prosecute war crimes challenges Israel’s right to self-defense—unless, of course, these senators are arguing that Israel’s right to self-defense includes the right to commit war crimes.

Ah, so the U.S. Senate is giving Israel the right to commit war crimes. For good measure, Schulberg adds, “But this is hardly the first time members of Congress have moved to align themselves more closely with the Israeli right than with their own government.” I see that Schulberg subscribes to the Walt-Mearsheimer school that the U.S. government is controlled by the Israel lobby.

It is worth noting that at the end of Schulberg’s article, a correction appears. It reads, “A previous version of this article referred to Benjamin Netanyahu as president of Israel. He’s the prime minister.” If Schulberg doesn’t know that Netanyahu is Israel’s Prime Minister, then how can we take anything she writes about him seriously? But apparently it’s good enough for the Huffington Post.

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