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Hillary’s Running Out Her Broken Clock

The game plan was working, let’s “protect the lead,” and, yes, it’s football season, baby. So, are you ready for some football analogies and metaphors? There is one thing all of us football fans hate, other than breast cancer awareness month and Mr. Pig Socks. We hate when our team is up, and the coach decides to go into a “prevent defense.” Analysts sometimes mockingly state this strategy prevents you from winning. As the viewer sits at home biting his nails, screaming at the TV “just play the way you got the lead,” and as we watch the lead dwindle point by point our spirits start to get broken. We conservatives also call the “prevent defense” the “Mitt Romney Campaign.” The campaign that sucked the soul out of us and truly divided and destroyed a party. All we wanted from you Mitt was a fight.

But gratefully the only history Hillary Clinton follows is her own and her campaign has been nothing but a “prevent defense,” with the occasional blitz or pass or late hit. The strategy has been simple, just protect the lead. Let Donald do all the talking, let him fumble, let him make the mistake, or bait him into a mistake. And yes, it’s worked, how could it not work when your offense and defense are the one-party media. But a funny thing has happened. Donald has not been fumbling as much. As the game has progressed, so has he. All of a sudden his passes are crisper. There is more room to run. He’s starting to get a little more respect around the league, and people aren’t watching the games anymore only on network TV, but are starting to stream from many other sources.

You know what, that cushy lead is all but gone, and Democrats and liberals are sitting at home screaming at their TVs: “Get out of the prevent, where are you?” Maybe the thoughts creeping into their minds are: “Maybe you really are sick, why did you have those servers at your house, did you really think a ‘C’ meant the paragraph you were on?” How did you go from being broke to being worth over 100 million (that we know of)? What exactly is the Clinton Foundation and the Global Initiative? That name sounds sort of scammy, doesn’t it? Screaming at the TV: “OK, time for some offense, Hillary,” still not realizing she has no ability to “audibilize.”

What Democrats don’t realize and most probably never will, Hillary is all prevent defense. She has not an ounce of inventive offense in her. She has essentially been a Chameleon of her times. Whichever way the wind blows so goes her offense, her views of gay marriage, abortion, trade, and defense. Never a new thought, never a new game plan, she has always and will always just try and protect the lead. Run as much as possible, follow your media fullback, and pray the clock runs out. But the clock isn’t running out and there is still so much time left in the game.

We Trumpicans are playing with house money. We are a new team in a new league scratching and clawing and doing anything to win this game. For you, dear Ms. Hillary, this is about your political life and legacy. For us, this is about our life and existence. You are the wishbone, and we are the West Coast offense mixed with the run and gun, mixed with every other new strategy that’s ever been deployed. We are the Fearsome Foursome, the Purple People Eaters. It’s got to scare you, it’s got to scare all of you, because honestly we aren’t just thinking about this season, and we aren’t about the prevent. We earned our spot in this league not because we felt it was owed to us but because we earned it. Yeah, the game is tied right now, and we have fresh legs. Do you?

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