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Hillary’s Enablers

The Never Trump snobs on the right are a strange lot. They not only predict that Donald Trump will lose the election. They WANT him to lose to Hillary—perhaps because they will feel vindicated. They are more closely aligned with the far left in the Democratic Party than the grassroots conservative activists of the Republican Party.

They are the tools and enablers of the left. Many have publicly denounced the Trump-Pence ticket and have embraced Hillary almost joyously.

What I don’t get about the prominent Republican defectors who have declared they are now for Hillary is why they get this weird high off being praised by the leftists in the media. Is it really that important to them to be back on the invite list for the next Press Club Dinner?

Yes, I am offended by many of Trump’s actions and words. Who isn’t? But who isn’t offended and frightened more by every word uttered and action taken by Hillary Clinton? I’d vote for my pet frog over Hillary Clinton, but alas, he’s not running.

How many leftists in the media or in the Democratic Party have renounced their candidate now that Hillary Clinton and her top campaign operatives have exposed themselves in emails as anti-Catholic and anti-Evangelical bigots? The left keeps asking, how can Christians still support Donald Trump for President? Here’s one answer: she’s for our legal form of infanticide and he’s not. She’s an anti-Catholic bigot and he’s not. It will be the day that hell freezes over that the media writes a column asking: how can any Catholic in good conscience vote for Hillary Clinton?

Even if you believe that Clinton and Trump are louts (one a womanizer and the other a serial liar), why vote for the lout who will raise taxes, put three more Sotomayors on the Supreme Court, cripple our energy industry, double down on Obamacare, support partial birth abortion, and worship at the green altar of climate change? Why not vote for the lout who will do the opposite?

Why can’t the Republican party leaders attack Hillary every time they are in front of a microphone or camera? It is not as if she isn’t offering a big target on her chest.

Some say that Trump is deranged, even unhinged. You want to hear deranged? Listen to the leftists leading the charge against Trump. USA Today ran a rant last week by a professor at Princeton who wrote tongue-in-cheek about the Orwellian future if Trump wins: “Some continued to resist Trump’s efforts to Make America Great Again. To prevent them from undermining his policies, many African Americans, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Hispanics, and nonconformists were sent to labor camps for re-education and potential deportation.”

This is funny? All that was missing was a reference to gas chambers. USA Today is supposed to be a semi-respectable paper and it’s a sign of the anti-Trump obsession in the media that they print such vile words? There is a lunatic who is unhinged here, but it isn’t Donald Trump. And by the way, we already have re-education camps in America, and they are called the public schools.

What is more troubling to me than the rapid-fire assaults on Trump—many of which, alas, he brought upon himself—is the denigration of his voters. We’re learning that it isn’t just Hillary Clinton who thinks they are a “deplorable” bunch of racists, xenophobes, and homophobes. (Hillary lied when she said in the last debate “I was talking about YOU, not your voters.” Listen to the tape. And listen to the laughter and applause from her millionaire contributors.) As Trump has faltered in recent days, the Never Trumpers on the right have almost triumphantly assailed the voters who have rallied so mightily and hopefully around him.

Trumpism is now ridiculed on left and right as a group of “dumbed down” voters, “white supremacists,” and even “contemptibles.” Michael Gerson, a former Bush speechwriter and now a columnist for the Washington Post, argues victoriously that Trump’s “fate is deserved.” He calls Trump voters those who “hold an absurdly simplistic anti-establishment attitude.” Yes, what a strong defense by someone who is of the very establishment that he and so many others marinated in the elite Washington culture defend.

We’d better dare not elect someone with “an outsider persona who lacks actual political skills” or else—what? We might get a president who is asleep at the switch before the biggest financial crisis in 75 years, or a president who runs up trillion dollar deficits, or gives hundreds of billions of dollars away to the banks, throws millions of Americans out of their jobs, puts 40 million people on food stamps, and regulates the light bulbs, toilets, and washing machines in our homes?

Oh wait. That already has happened under Bush and Obama, which is strange because they are so “politically skilled.” If it is an “insider” not an outsider, there is no better candidate in all of America than Hillary Clinton, America’s queen “public servant.” She has nearly $1 billion of special interest money to trash the outsider who wants to toss over the apple cart in Washington. Do the anti-Trump misogynists even get the irony of their calling Donald Trump a misogynist?

When I first met with Donald Trump many months ago, the first thing I told him was: Donald, I don’t know if I love you, but I sure love your voters. I don’t always agree with them—on issues like immigration and trade. But what I’ve come to discover is that it is the Trump movement, more so than Donald Trump himself, that is an existential threat to the establishment elites on the right and left. They are the front-line victims of government in Washington run amok. One Trump voter said it well to me at a recent rally in Colorado Springs: “All we want from government is less of it.”

They understand basic economics in ways the elite in both parties do not. They understand that a great nation cannot continue to borrow $1 trillion year after year; put 40 million people on food stamps, nationalize its health care industry, shut down our mines and our oil wells, raise taxes by $1.5 trillion as a way to make the economy grow faster, or regulate our employers out of business. They understand that for at least half of Americans, the “recovery” has never happened.

Frankly, the people who don’t get that are the ones who are pretty “dumb.”

Win or lose on November 8, we are not going away.

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