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Here’s How to Respond to Radical Trans Networks

I didn’t want to write about what happened in Nashville Monday. I’m sick and tired of school massacres. I’ve had it with the ghoulish opportunism of the demented clowns on the left who aggressively salivate every time some deranged lunatic decides to work out his (or, now, her) emotionalistic coping deficiencies on the softest targets possible, and then seeks to immediately monetize those tragedies by demanding that the rest of the country surrender our Second Amendment right to self-defense.

It happens over and over again, and every time it does, there’s a worthless political hack like Team Biden spokeslesbian Queen Karine Jean-Pierre who blames the people defending the Second Amendment and an inanimate object for the actions of a defective human — often made so, at least in part, by the trash policies they espouse.

Here was Queen Karine on Monday, well before the bodies in Nashville were cold…

But in no time flat that worn-out narrative disintegrated when it came out that the shooter in Nashville was a 28-year-old woman pretending to be a man. Her name was Audrey Hale, and she still lived at home while haphazardly pursuing a career in graphic design. Somehow she managed to squirrel some seven guns away in her parents’ house despite their objection to her having one — owing, no doubt, to the folks perceiving that she was utterly and completely batshit crazy.

And then she brought three of them to The Covenant School, a small Presbyterian academy she had attended as a kid. Hale shot through the door with an AR-15 and then made her way through the halls, executing three adults and three little kids before the fast-arriving Metropolitan Nashville Police arrived and quickly put an end to the situation — and specifically Audrey Hale.

Hale had texted a friend warning that she was about to commit an atrocity on Monday, and the friend spent hours attempting to tip off the police. But with streets and phone lines filled with dysfunctional and dangerous people on the brink of self-harm or other personal destruction, it’s no longer even an expectation the cops can act proactively in advance of tragedies like this. Audrey Hale had planned, in a fit of uncontrolled, impossible-to-understand-by-a-sane-person narcissism, to kill as many people as possible before dying herself, and she had the means and the will to do it.

The old saw is that an assassin willing to give his life to kill is exceptionally likely to succeed. And Audrey Hale succeeded, perhaps for the first time in her life.

At what? At completing the utter disgrace to her family that her life surely was long before Monday. The Hales would probably be well-served in selling their house and clearing out of town, finding someplace they can lie low and largely disappear from any society they’ve known. At least, in the older, saner America that would be the expectation.

And it isn’t even a judgment on their parenting, or whatever, to make such a suggestion. The concept of disgrace doesn’t put too fine a point on these things. When someone in your family does something this horrible, the stink covers you — as it should.

There should be consequences for these kinds of horrors. Disgrace is a mild example.

Consequences should extend to those people who want to make Audrey Hale into some sort of political martyr for their cause.

Take, for example, something called the Trans Radical Activist Network, a lunatic organization, which declared prior to the shooting that April 1, a date most people regard as a day for jokes, will be a national Trans Day of Vengeance, with a demonstration planned in front of the Supreme Court.

You’d think this was a joke. It isn’t. And so far as we can tell, this demonstration wasn’t canceled after the Nashville shooting. We’ll see on Saturday what it entails. Given the overheated rhetoric and the fact that the “Trans Radical Activist Network” made its Twitter private after the shooting, the benefit of the doubt shouldn’t be forthcoming.

And meanwhile, another one of these “Trans Networks” popped up on Monday. This one is the “Trans Resistance Network,” which all but wrapped its arms around a mass murderer.

So in other words, it’s the fault of the people of Tennessee, whose legislature overwhelmingly passed bills to ban transgender surgeries for minors and the grooming of kids through drag shows at schools, libraries, and other such inappropriate venues, that one of the Trans Resistance Network’s constituents committed a terrorist act at a Christian school.

This statement suggests that political violence could be directed at other states considering similar legislative measures.

It won’t be taken that way by the Biden Department of Justice, which is still convinced that white supremacist neo-Nazis are running all over the country committing invisible terrorist acts while the transgender people, four of whom have now engaged in mass shootings since 2018, are victims of a “genocide” that statistics don’t show exists. DOJ is too politicized and corrupt to be of any use in getting to the bottom of these “radical” and “resistance” groups of the gender-dysphoric.

That means it needs to be Congress.

And this will be dirty, unappealing work. Any hearings or investigations into this rabbit hole will be met with threats and screeches of “bigotry” and “transphobia” and other unpleasantries. The legacy corporate media, which has its orders to treat all “trans” people not as delusional or mentally ill but as victims of uncaring conservatives (we’re talking about you, Terry Moran), will declare war on the Republicans on whichever committee dives into the muck. And there will be Democrats like Cori Bush, Steve Cohen, and Mark Takano who’ll irresponsibly declare that a response to what’s obviously a threat by organized and funded networks of radicals — and a general pattern of anti-Christian violence committed by leftist radicals — is an expression of “intolerance.”

There is no limiting principle on the left. That is a feature for them. It isn’t a bug. Their modus operandi is to make things so ugly and distasteful that ordinary, well-adjusted people on the other side politically will lose their appetite for the fight.

Which is how you ultimately get the promotion of the trans agenda in schools, and violence committed at places like The Covenant School where that agenda is discouraged.

The pushback must begin. The appreciation and understanding of the concept of disgrace must be restored. Because Nashville may have been many things, but a disgrace was no doubt one of them.

Scott McKay
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