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Helping the Transgendered

How many Americans actually know what a transgender person is? No, a transgender person isn’t a man or a woman who dresses as the opposite sex — that would be a transvestite. Nor is it a person who has actually had a procedure to change their sex — that would be a transsexual. Confused? Of course we are. All a transgender person is, by definition, someone who thinks that he or she was born the wrong sex. That, in itself, could be defined as confusion. And if a transgendered person is confused, are we not allowed to be?

Are they gay? Are they straight? Or, are they attracted to both? If you get breasts, like Jenner, but don’t have the jewels removed, what are you? I don’t even have an analogy, because it’s just so confusing. And, yes, we are allowed to ask these questions, and yes it is our business. We are allowed to ask why a road needs construction, a bridge needs to be built, and if a transgendered person can serve in the military. You know why? Because, we, as Americans, pay for it.

But we weren’t allowed to ask, were we. We were forced into compliance, with the fear, that if we asked, or were simply curious, we’d be called bigoted at best. If this were such a simple issue, would the army have needed a 72-page manual? Are there actually people serving in our armed services, who, if they are a man, want to be treated as a woman, and vice versa? I don’t get it, and I get a lot, but you know why I don’t get it? Because it hasn’t been explained, and because no one, and I repeat no one, has any idea of what exactly they are talking about.

Studies show that transgendered persons have a 22 percent higher suicide rate than the general public. Also, 41 percent will have tried to kill themselves, at least once, compared with 4.6 percent of the general public. So let’s say, for argument’s sake, that there are 10,000 transgendered people in the armed services, since the left is more attracted by numbers than they are by people. Over 4,000 of them have tried, or will try, to commit suicide. Add to that the fact that veterans have more than double the suicide rate of the general population. Really, what else is there to say?

Call me a bigot, call me a transphobic, or any barrage of hateful names that you label those who question. You know what I call you? Negligent, harmful, and responsible for anything bad that happens to a transgendered person while he or she is serving our country. If any other group of people had those rates of suicide or self-harm, this would not be a discussion. How can we, in any good conscience, give a transgendered man or woman a gun with those suicide rates? Would you give your car to a drunk person? The left is taking away the hop and skip, and, basically, just telling them to jump.

I almost forgot the transgendered drug addiction rate is almost three times higher, no pun intended, than the rest of the country. Drug addiction and suicide; it’s not the army the left should be forcing the transgendered community into, but, rather, into treatment. If you really want to help the transgendered community, please get them help. Because, right now, all you are doing is assisting in their suicides, by using them, as your proxy, in your progressive and culture wars.

It takes years for the FDA to approve a drug. Why, because we don’t want people dying from a pill they thought would save them. Yet, the demonic over-regulating left has no problem sending its “science experiment” into the field of real and personal battle, with absolutely no regard for the damages it is inflicting, and the consequences of its action might cause. If you don’t think that suicide and addiction are “disruptive” to the military, as the president intimated, and if you don’t believe that this issue needed to be debated, before it was implemented, you aren’t just confused but complicit.

Make no mistake, transgendered community. You are being used as a prop and a pawn. If the left truly cared about you, its paragons would get you the help and support so many of you desperately need.

The President promised to protect the transgender community. By not allowing you, at this time, to join the armed services, he is doing just that. “No” is an answer. Can it be a confusing one? Of course. It’s all confusing, this issue and life.

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