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Harvard Soccer Bums

Pardon the pun, but Harvard University is Crimson in the face with embarrassment over a so-called scandal involving the men’s soccer team. Because of the “scandal,” Harvard has voluntarily forfeited its remaining schedule of men’s soccer games. The accusations, which go back to 2012, allege members of the men’s soccer team rated female soccer recruits on a number system that was based on sex appeal and was often graphic and vulgar in its context.

The head nanny at Harvard, Drew Gilpin Faust, whose official title is President of Harvard, said the following on the indignity: “I was deeply distressed to learn that the appalling actions of the 2012 men’s soccer team were not isolated to one year or the actions of a few individuals.” She also promised a “systematic program of training” for the current soccer team.

If this wasn’t enough, the Washington Post is reporting that the male harriers on Harvard’s Cross Country Team created a spreadsheet where they would guess which female members of the cross-country team would ask them to dance at an annual dance between the men’s and women’s cross-country teams, and some of the entries on the spreadsheet were sexually explicit. Let’s face it, we can’t be vigilant enough about preventing something like this from ever happening again as we all know what mashers and ladies’ men the cross-country runners are.

Although the action of the men’s soccer and cross-country teams were not very gentleman like, the ado and uproar it has caused is ridiculous. What probably could have been handled by the head coach just telling the players involved to “knock it off” and to grow up has now become a national news story.

To some extent I’m not sure why any of this is newsworthy. Unless the rating of women was an officially mandated part of being on the male soccer and cross-country teams, or encouraged by the coaching staff, I don’t see what business it is of Harvard University to get involved. Is free association and free speech by Harvard students not allowed? What law did the athletes violate? One also imagines if the situation were reversed and it was female members of the soccer team rating male recruits, the media would be treating the story in a cutesy way, like a program one finds on the Hallmark Channel.

But that is not how it works for men on most college campuses or, for that matter, in modern America where the educational establishment won’t be satisfied until all men are eunuchs. True to form, the Harvard men’s soccer team has already issued a 750-word apology, calling their scouting reports “an inexcusable manifestation of sexism and misogyny.” For a student body that boasts the best and the brightest, the apology is a snooze touching on every PC buzzword you can imagine. The cross-country team, I’m sure not to be outdone, will probably pen a 1,000-word mea culpa and vow the next time any of them dance with a member of the female cross country team he will insist she leads.

The anti-male rhetoric and hysteria now prevalent on college campuses have reached the ridiculous and dangerous level. The use of male pronouns such as “him” and “he” are often discouraged, and God help any male who is falsely accused of sexual misconduct. The usual modus operandi for men on such occasions is to be drummed out of school without due process, often without knowing who the accuser was, what the accusations are, and what, if any, evidence there is. One needs to look no further than the mess of the false Rolling Stone story at the University of Virginia and the Duke Lacrosse team debacle to see the assumption of male guilt in action.

There is, however, still one class of males who can express graphic and subservient sexual imagery about women before large crowds at Harvard and are often paid top dollar by the University to do it. By now I’m sure you have guessed where I’m headed. Several big-name Rap “artists” such as Tyga, Kid Cudi, and the Wu-Tang Clan have been paid to perform at Harvard over the years. Look at the lyrics of their songs and I’m sure it will top anything written in the spreadsheets by the cross country and soccer teams. Following this logic, if the male athletes at Harvard wish to continue rating women I suggest they not put it in a spreadsheet, but instead call it art and rap it in the center of campus where everyone will be happy.

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