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Guilt by Association?

Now that the polls have tightened, some of the NeverTrumpers are beginning to wonder whether Trump is quite so horrible after all. There are, after all, jobs to given out, should he win.

I regard this as entirely amusing, as I’ve been a Trump supporter for more than a year, and I’m not looking for a place in government. Still, I wonder whether the NeverTrumpers who called us morally obtuse imbeciles might find it difficult to make nice to us, after a Trump victory. I am thinking of Gabe Schoenfeld, who tagged Roger Kimball with anti-Semitism for supporting Trump, this on the basis of an anti-Semitic slur that some idiot yelled out at a Trump rally.

We don’t know whether the idiot in question was a plant or not. What is clear is that smears against honorable people such as Kimball are the sign of a deranged mind. If we’re all pretty much six degrees of separation from Hitler, Kimball is seven degrees away, and the charge of guilt by association is particularly odious in his case.

Should Trump win I think he’d be an outstanding president, one whom conservatives would admire. Not that I’d expect any of the NeverTrumpers to admit they were wrong.

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