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Gloomy Days in Durban

“I’m in the egg-laying business,” Henny-Penny said, “but the world champions are the members of the college of cardinals of global warming meeting in Durban South Africa right now. They came to drum up a successor to the Kyoto Accord and will go home with nothing.”

Ms. H-P knows everything there is to know about the global warming religion, having been until recently the founder and recording secretary of The Holy Order Of The Sky Is Falling (THOOTSIF). Having seen that its dire prophecies have not been coming true, she is now a leading skeptic.

She continued: “Have your noticed that it’s springtime in Durban, South Africa? Nearly every one of the several hundred delegates to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change conference is on some government’s payroll — or the UN’s — and they came by airliner without noting the irony of the thousands of pounds of carbon they were pumping into the air by doing so.”

ME: Tell me about their goal at this meeting.

H-P: The same thing they’ve had at all these meetings. They want a legally-binding agreement between the world’s “rich” nations to put $100 billion a year into a fund to help “poor” nations cope with global warming. You can imagine how that would be spent.

The U.S. isn’t a party to Kyoto, and Canada is withdrawing from it. They and Japan and Russia have signaled they won’t sign on to this new pact. China and India will stand aside unless the others sign. Result: a giant goose egg (many times the size of the ordinary eggs I lay every day in the hen house).”

ME: There was a strong note of desperation in the conference statement released by one Virginia Dandan, the UN Independent Expert on Human Rights and International Solidarity. Among other things, she called for “old and new polluters to confront the massive, irreversible damage that has already been caused.” She appealed to the “Global Village” that the Durban negotiations “are a make or break for humanity.… Failure in Durban would impact on the three pillars of the UN, namely, peace and security, development and human rights.”

H-P: It’s just more scare talk. Note that she mentioned three UN “pillars,” but named four. She needs to go to a remedial arithmetic class. The global warming cardinals pulled out all the stops to hype this event. They had the International Energy Agency issue a report that global warming would become “catastrophic and irreversible” by 2017 if the world’s nations didn’t buy into their proposed carbon restrictions. This is as believable as that minister in California who predicted the end of the world on a particular day last spring.

ME: No doubt the scientists who talk up “global warming” and “climate change” are sincere in their beliefs. Yet, they crank into their computers data about increased temperatures here and there and come out with hard-and-fast predictions about future temperatures, rising sea levels and melting glaciers.

H-P: Yes, and they defend their theories fiercely. Remember in 2009 just before the big Copenhagen conference, there was a revelation of many e-mails among them, conspiring to besmirch skeptical scientists and repress contrary data? Michael Mann, a Penn State professor, and that fellow who runs the East Anglia climate center in England were among the worst. There was a new exposé of e-mails by this pair and others just prior to the Durban conference. They haven’t changed their ways. 

Even the Associated Press buys into their theories. As the conference opened, it wrote, “As if to illustrate the effects of global warming, a fierce storm on the eve of the talks flooded shack settlements…” Really? It could as easily have been a sign of God’s ire at the foolishness of the global warming enterprise, telling its cardinals to pack up and go home.

ME: What of Al Gore in all this? He was the Pontiff of your THOOTSIF.

H-P: He turned out to be 100 percent hot air. 

ME: Since the global warming cardinals have not come up with a way to meet the world’s need for energy in place of hydrocarbons, I’m tempted to think that the underlying motivation of the climate change movement is that of the pure ecologists who believe that humans are despoiling the planet and producing too many children and that the remedy is draconian birth control and sharply reduced standards of living. 

H-P: You may be right. 

Mr. Hannaford first met Henny-Penny when she founded The Holy Order Of The Sky Is Falling. Recently, she concluded that it is not falling. 

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