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Get Up, America
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America is three years, 137 days, four hours, fifty-seven minutes, and forty-six seconds into a perpetual leftist tantrum as of this writing. The day that Donald J. Trump was inaugurated, Soros-funded shock troops shattered storefronts and looted. Even before being elected, Trump and his campaign were being surveilled by the FBI. From mainstream media dimwits like CNN’s Jim Acosta to the skinny, black-clad Portland Antifa clowns, to rage-screaming lesbian college professors, to the rampaging and looting mobs burning out Democrat-led cities across the nation, the distemper has not ceased.

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The country should be celebrating its emergence from the lockdown that was imposed to battle the Chinese virus. Instead, the youth march and loot. Even with this, the economy is rebounding, much to Paul Krugman’s frustration. Unemployment was supposed to be 19 percent today. Instead 2.5 million people gained jobs. The stock market soars.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden forgets the name of the man killed by a Minnesota police officer. “George … George … ” (It’s Floyd, Joe, George Floyd.) Democrats watch Joe mumble and worry.

Things are not going as planned. Donald Trump was to be impeached, thrown out of office, and in prison by now. That hasn’t happened. Nothing has worked — not the constant journalistic calumny, not fictional Russian collusion, not Biden-buddy whistleblowers, not a worldwide pandemic and the economic collapse it caused. Not even Trump’s own tweets have derailed the president.

Instead, Trump’s support has held steady. Thus, the Left ups the ante. They’re willing to burn to the ground cities that they control and call it justice. But whom are they harming? Like a child wrecking his favorite toy because he’s not getting his way, the Left has been reduced to consuming itself in critical race theory, communist envy, and destruction.

Does an empire know when it’s dying? When sliding into grotesque indulgence, such as wealthy Manhattanites cruising Fifth Avenue in their Rolls Royces and tricked-out Cadillac SUVs to loot the Gucci and Ferragamo stores, do Americans realize they’re witnessing depravity that ends in a return to medieval serfdom? The revolution may start with luxury brands, but it won’t end with them.

The West will fade should the delusion continue. Entropy is the natural state, after all. Civilization must be built and maintained. It’s astonishing how quickly it can crumble. To save it, a reformation of the church, educational and intellectual academies, art, and governance must start now.

Americans observe the devilry. They’re buying guns and ammo. The pandemic has taught them that they have to defend their own. It’s doubtful that taking guns away will be entertained any time soon.

Those who followed the rules and stayed home, risking their businesses to save the lives of their fellow citizens, are now seeing their businesses looted and burned. They didn’t go to church for fear of infection. Now they’re seeing big-state nannies like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio pose cheek to cheek for protest pictures.

One hundred thousand Americans died alone with COVID-19. Families were not allowed to have funerals to mourn. Instead, they were shamed by the media and so-called epidemiologists and medical experts, at first to not wear a mask and then to wear a mask. “Stay home, stay safe,” they preached. So Americans did.

Then the riots and marches poured thousands of Americans into the streets. The epidemiologists decided that black lives didn’t matter that much. Some things are more important than risking death. Working to support one’s family or worshipping God or caring for an elderly relative are not some of those things. Got it.

It’s not just the public health elites who have undermined their authority. New York Times social justice writers made a mockery of free speech decrying an op-ed by a United States senator, Tom Cotton, because they disagreed with what he wrote. They wanted his editorial canceled. And the quavering leadership buckled. But then it was revealed that editors at the Times requested his op- ed. Oh, the humanity! Should the editorial be yanked or stay or have a note? The illiberal college professors indoctrinating their empty-headed students have turned a generation of journalists into vapid activists. Rather than fire the close-minded bigoted censorial ninnies, a business that relies on free speech to exist kowtowed to them.

The fit-throwers want to see their fellow citizens prostrate and humiliated for the crime of rejecting their divisive worldview.

Do Americans see what’s at stake? Or have two generations of ahistorical psychobabble and Malthusian Marxist garbage infected the whole population with a mind-blinding virus that will more effectively destroy the West than any pandemic?

The country should be celebrating its emergence from the lockdown that was imposed to battle the Chinese virus. Instead, the youth march and loot.

America is not a dystopian novel quite yet. There are bright spots. SpaceX and NASA launched American astronauts from American soil to the International Space Station for the first time in nine years. No more relying on the Russians. The rocket then returned to a platform in the ocean to be reused. The possibilities are endless: colonize the moon? Why not? Manned trips to Mars? Yes, please!

Space isn’t the only place hosting technological marvels. No one makes much of it, but because of genetic sequencing of viruses, scientists can trace, observe, and map a new killer virus in near real time. It’s unprecedented. Individual labs across the fruited plains met the moment (once the CDC was out of the picture) and responded to the need to understand the virus and develop tests to diagnose it within weeks. Scientific advances make the future look exciting, indeed.

So there is hope. A comeback is possible, and, if Donald Trump is to be believed, it is happening already. Poor Paul Krugman. The American Spectator’s scribes write about the American comeback in the midst of these challenges. Read about uniquely American creations like road trips, fast food, superhero movies, and rap music. Read about a great American: Rush Limbaugh. Learn about the Chinese habit of suppressing religious practice. Ponder the country home revival. Find freedom in Alcatraz. This is a fun issue. We could all use some levity.

Americans, as Mark Hemingway notes in his article, have a naturally rebellious nature. They’re scrappy. Like Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, says while getting back to his feet after being battered by bullies, “I could do this all day.” Americans just don’t quit. They keep getting back up.

America has been knocked down by forces without and within. Let’s hope she gets back up, and, as Dov Fischer writes, she has it in her to Make America Great Yet Again.

Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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