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Georgia On Their Minds

Well, the Democrats worked their Ossoff but Handel is still the Messiah. The results are in from the 6th Congressional district in the state of Georgia, and the Republicans have held the seat formerly occupied by Doctor Thomas Edmunds Price, the orthopedist and prominent Obamacare skeptic. Price is the only American to go from doctor to representative to secretary, and to claim that his career is on the upswing! His secretarial berth is at the Department of Health and Human Services, so I guess the liberals got what they want, Price controls on health care.

Speaking of price, the tag is in from the Georgia 6th contest, and it is 23 mil. Yep, 23 million dollars of U.S. tender in an effort to prevent a woman from winning a Congressional seat in that bastion of misogyny, the backward State of Georgia. Yes, Republicans in that state still believe they are in a Civil War, unlike the Democrats who continue marching forth in their uncivil war against General Trump and any rube wearing a Make America Great again cap.

The redistribution of wealth has never been a prime value for me, but I chuckle at the thought of 23 million dollars leaving the pockets of Democrat chuckleheads. Whoever owns the radio and television stations of Georgia, I suspect they do not invest their pocket change staging Trump assassination fantasies in Central Park. Let them enjoy their 23 million newfound greenbacks, liberated from the political greenies of California and New York. The Democrat party continues to go south in the age of Trump, as they heed the admonition to “follow the money.”

What are they doing wrong? They wonder out loud among themselves how this has come to pass, and keeps on coming. Could it be they underestimated the basket size of the Deplorables? Is it possible that the motley crew of bigots, sexists, homophobes, xenophobes, racists, hatemongers, White Supremacists, alt-rightists and, I suppose, vivisectionists that has gone over to the irredeemable dark side has jumped from 47 percent to 53? And why do these troglodyte creeps keep lying to our posturing posse of polite pollsters?

They have Georgia on their minds, but the answer is sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines.

I want to help my friends row or wade their way out of this quandary. I hearken back to my old joke from the Minnesota Senate Race eight years ago featuring Norm Coleman as a Jewish Republican running against Al Franken as a Jewish Democrat. Coleman won, but not by enough to stop the Democrat recounters from recounting a different ending to the tale. When my Republican friends protested the injustice (quietly, as is their wont), I told them you cannot expect a Norm-Al election to be anything but abnormal.

Well, people will only accept so much abnormalcy and no more. Normal folks, with consciences undimmed by post-graduate “enlightenment,” think it abnormal to have a million babies killed each year in their country. The fact that mothers do the killing makes it worse, not better.

Normal folks do not think homosexuals should be hounded, but neither should they be celebrated. Not only does the Supreme Court say they must be allowed to marry each other, but we have to bake them a cake, give them our abandoned children for adoption, and smile all the while. And if Kim Davis wants to make a Sanctuary County for normalcy, she must be jailed!

Normal folks recognize that some people who are boys have trouble figuring out how to negotiate boyhood and manhood; the same goes for some girls. The solution is not to ignore biology and say “Boys will be girls!” Challenges are to be met, and many who struggled with gender identity as children have negotiated successful adulthoods without surgery, including marriage and parenting. And they are richer for it… more — dare I say? — normal and healthy AND FULFILLED!

Normal folks love and respect women (half of them are women!), but do not think that making caps as a facsimile of female genitalia should be a rallying point for femininity. Nor do they appreciate seeing Kristallnacht at Berkeley without a single arrest.

Weirdness is not a cultural selling point. Actually it is, but always to a limited audience. It is certainly not an electoral selling point. On the other hand, normal people shy away from confrontation, so they are more likely to sell out when polled in place but buy in at the polling place.

To my Democrat friends I say, you have overplayed your hand. You have to come down off your high horse or you will keep getting thrown, and down off your throne before you yell yourself hoarse. You are not in possession of some inspired set of Secular Commandments that renders the rest of us deplorable and irredeemable. You need to take us out of our basket, or you will continue to be a basket case.

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