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France’s Sad Politics

It’s hard to feel optimistic about the future of France when considering the current slate of candidates for the presidential election this spring.

Arguably Francois Fillon is the best candidate as he would attempt to rein in the state, loosen labor laws, and jettison the wealth tax. But it’s unclear that he would take the necessary measures to address France’s existential issue: the islamic invasion well underway. Worse: the candidate once considered the front-runner is now widely seen as unviable in the wake of a scandal involving a no-work government job held by his wife. 

The Left Party candidate Jean-Luc Melenchon advocates a 100% tax on “fat cats” with incomes over €400,000 (around $427,800). This, of course, is on top of a wealth tax. It’s no longer possible to get rich in France honestly which, of course, makes it the ideal which the leftwing of the US Democratic Party aspires to. 

Conventional wisdom has the anti-immigration National Front’s Marine Le Pen winning the first round on April 23 and losing in a run-off election on May 7 to the En Marche party candidate Emmanuel Macron. However conventional wisdom also pronounced Brexit a loser and had Hillary Clinton winning in a landslide up until polls closed on election day. 

But the fact remains that France could be one terrorist attack and/or a scandal away from what many regard as “unthinkable”: Marine Le Pen in the Elysee Palace. If that were to occur, the French Republic might have a chance of surviving the onslaught of islamic immigration which threatens to extinguish the idea of France and all that her history and culture mean to the western world (many consider French bad boy writer Michel Houellebecq’s Submission depicting a France under the thumb of radical islamic domination to be not so far fetched at all.)

Even considering Le Pen’s very bad economic ideas, it’s hard not to consider that the National Front may be the lesser of evils in what some might call France’s very own Flight 93 election.

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