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Five Quick Things: Shouldn’t Stacey Abrams Drop The Big Lie?

This year has, let’s not mince words here, sucked.

The suckage of 2021 actually commenced in 2020, which was another year which sucked. The dubious quality of the presidential election last year which gave us the catastrophically sucktastic Joe Biden regime, responsible for the majority of The Great Suck that is 2021 in America, is the principal source of our misery.

But not all of it.

It’s important to remember that there were irregularities, to put it kindly, which gave us a great deal of the pain we’re in. It’s important to remember that because of the first item in this installment of Five Quick Things…

1. Questions for Stacey Abrams

You remember Abrams, don’t you? The rotund tax refuser from the Georgia state legislature who ballot-harvested her way to a narrow loss against mediocre Republican Brian Kemp in the 2018 gubernatorial election there?

Abrams lost by some 50,000 votes, but she refused to concede the race. Instead she spun up some conspiracy theory about voter suppression and claimed she’d actually won.

It was ridiculous, and it still is, because Abrams never stopped repeating her claims. And the legacy corporate media never demanded she show proof of her allegations, much less give her the treatment it’s given Donald Trump. Nobody has ever demanded that Stacey Abrams admit defeat.

Now Abrams is running against Kemp next year. She probably won’t beat him, not in what’s going to be a big Republican year, but Abrams does have a sizable machine. Georgia’s new election integrity law will be put to the test as Abrams’ army goes to work on driving a massive vote total from Fulton County.

Nobody has ever demanded that Stacey Abrams admit defeat.

But watch how Stacey Abrams is treated compared with, say, how they’ll treat Trump if he runs in 2024. See how many reporters challenge Abrams to recant her claims about how she really won in 2018. None of them will. And all of them will dog Trump over his griping over the 2020 irregularities, particularly in Georgia, if he decides to run.

2. We Should All Get the Omicron Variant. It Sounds Like a Natural Vaccine.

David Catron’s piece here at TAS Tuesday about the Omicron variant of COVID-19 was spot on. I was going to do a very similar column that day, and our editors stopped me — and after reading David’s treatment of the issue I agreed that he’d nailed it better than I would have.

The gist being that the overreaction to Omicron is intentional and purposeful and nefarious. It’s intended to push a terrible piece of Senate legislation, the Freedom to Vote Act, which is another bite at the apple of federalizing our elections and institutionalizing much of the irregularity of the 2020 election. There must be a crisis in order to monkey around with our elections again, without which the Democrats will be slaughtered like the hogs they are in next fall’s midterms, and Omicron is it.

But the South African doctor who first identified it has ripped into the global political elite for their COVIDiocy over Omicron, noting that this variant isn’t even akin to a bad cold. It’s nothing. It’s a couple of days of feeling run-down and maybe coughing a little.

From her description, people have generally felt considerably worse after taking the COVID vaccine than after contracting Omicron.

And you know what the next point is. For the slow, it’s this: if studies show that natural immunity from having had COVID is stronger and longer-lasting than vaccinated immunity, and Omicron is less severe than a vaccine reaction, and you can get natural immunity from Omicron, then what we want is everybody to get Omicron and be done with COVID altogether.

Right? Natural vaccine. Herd immunity. We’re sooo over this.

Instead this simpleton tyrant with the smelly drawers and the inability to make complete sentences who lives in the White House is now talking about banning the unvaccinated from domestic air and rail travel. That’ll probably hold up about as well as his vaccine mandates for healthcare workers and employees of companies with payrolls of more than 100 did once he was hauled into court.

These are idiots who run this country. That’s clear. But it’s no longer acceptable to call the stupid policies of Joe Biden the product of his incompetence. Clearly it’s worse than that. The people who control Biden do what they do because they hate us and wish to punish us. They don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Let’s go, Brandon.

3. Bye, Fredo.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about the “suspension” of CNN anchor Chris “Fredo” Cuomo, the obnoxious dunce who can’t stop humiliating himself on their airwaves. My Hayride colleague Mike Bayham hit this on the nose as well as anyone…

Naturally Chris isn’t really in trouble with CNN for what he did but rather that his actions were documented in his brother’s on-going legal issues stemming from sexual harassment allegations.

In short, his crime was getting caught.

CNN had already given him a pass for admitting to the network honchos that he had assisted his brother with advice, despite that being a flagrant violation of their policies.

However, Chris Cuomo’s utilization of media sources to gather information to attack his brothers accusers is as if la cosa nostra did a drive by on #MeToo.

Chris Cuomo wouldn’t have a tv show if not for his surname, yet being a member of an Empire State Democratic political dynasty with a sibling who was very much politically active should’ve precluded him from having a gig with CNN, if only for the sake of the news channel avoiding the appearance of impropriety.

While partisan hackery is as much in vogue at the Atlanta studios as much as at 30 Rockefeller Plaza (home of MSNBC), what Chris Cuomo engaged in is far worse than “advocacy journalism,” which is in itself a stain on the profession, but spying and reporting information to his embattled older brother.

That Cuomo was not outright terminated for his misdeeds ought to be an embarrassment to CNN and all of its employees. But when you lack any sense of shame and put a premium on ideology, everything is a decision centered around business and not credibility.

Just so. Go and read the whole thing.

4. Revenge of the Burbs.

With apologies for the double-dip in linking to posts at my site in this entry, we had another piece at The Hayride this week that’s worth a note. It’s a guest post by a friend of mine, Todd Murphy, who’s the outgoing president of the chamber of commerce in Jefferson Parish. That’s the suburb just to the west of New Orleans.

Todd’s post is actually the written copy of remarks he gave at the Jefferson Chamber’s annual meeting, and toward the end he popped off in a glorious way on something which should become a nationwide impetus.

Todd said that given the fact New Orleans is now run by dysfunctional Hard Left mental midgets and is in an advanced state of decline, the days of the suburban parishes in that metropolitan area giving deference to the city must end.

And so should the submissive cooperation.

Here’s the best part…

It’s time for us to invite dissatisfied New Orleans businesses to our parish so that we may retain their strengths in our region. It’s time for our state and parish leaders to set the course when it comes to regional matters, not sit back and wait to see what New Orleans’ mayor will roll out so that we may fall in line.

The suburbs need to engage in predatory economic development strategies and pick clean those dysfunctional cities run by the Hard Left, and they need to stop acting like propping up those poorly-run urban centers is a thing worth doing.

What do you get from that as a suburbanite? You get a 45-minute commute to and from the city which robs you of crucial time with your family, when your office could be 10 minutes away. You get the daily threat of violent crime. You get your state and federal tax dollars spent on things like block grants to replace the tax base the big-city pols have intentionally run off by chasing middle-class voters away from those cities.

And do you get nice things? No. You get rioting sanctioned by the local political machine, and you get Soros-funded district attorneys siding with criminals — who might well be branching out into the suburbs the more emboldened they feel.

Todd’s saying it’s time to fight back, and he’s right. God bless him, and let’s hope his advice is followed all over the country.

5. News of a More Personal Nature…

This week I had something pretty cool happen, which is that a book idea I’ve been shopping around a bit has found itself a publisher. Readers of this column know that one of the common themes here over the last several months has been something I’m calling revivalism, which might translate loosely into conservatism on offense.

The revivalism concept can only really have justice done to it with a book, and therefore what I’m planning is The Revivalist Manifesto.

And it now has a publisher. The folks at Bombardier Books have given it a go-ahead, and it’s going to be out next spring, just in time for the Republican congressional primaries.

There are lots of plans for things that’ll go with the book, but in the meantime we’re looking forward to a great discussion about revivalism, or national conservatism, or even MAGA conservatism and what it’s going to look like regardless of whether President Trump ends up leading the movement. After all, we need something to galvanize the Right for longer than Trump will be around, and it’s best if we can get that on paper as soon as possible.

This will be a fun project. I’ll keep you guys apprised of the progress, and I’m definitely looking for your feedback as I get to work writing this thing.

Scott McKay
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