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Five Quick Things: Gasless, Gaslit America
Sen. John Kennedy questions Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk, May 3 (Forbes Breaking News/YouTube)

We’ve addressed this theme in previous columns, but have you noticed how aggressive and in-your-face the lies coming out of Team Biden are?

It’s impossible to miss.

This installment of the 5QT will address that and related matters amid a country covered in a smog of mendacity so thick it’s making us question our national sanity.

To wit:

1. In a Sane America, This Would Be the End of the Global Warming Hysteria

If you missed Sen. John Kennedy’s utter evisceration of Deputy Secretary of Energy David Turk, you might find this enlightening:

As I note in the link above, every aspect of Turk’s performance is discrediting — not just for him personally, though that’s surely true, but for the cause he’s shilling for.

Turk is trying to achieve a fanciful and stupid goal, which is to make our industries and our economy as a whole “carbon neutral.” And that involves doing wasteful and probably environmentally harmful things, like trading reliable carbon-based energy sources (coal, oil, and gas) for “renewables,” specifically solar and wind — the components for the production of which are generally made in China using methods far more violative of the environment than oil and gas wells and pipelines are — that he says will cost trillions of dollars.

But it’ll save us money on net, he says, without explaining exactly how — the old line about the glaciers melting and our shorelines plunging under the oceans aside, which frankly is not supported by any real evidence. The “hockey stick” computer model of global warming producing a catastrophic sea level rise has long been debunked, and the small rise in global temperature that the climate change advocates currently hang their hats on simply argues for future dollars spent on coastal protection, seawalls, and the like, which certainly wouldn’t necessitate “tens of trillions of dollars,” as he claims.

Kennedy is generally not one to put up with steaming piles of BS laid at his feet, so he starts asking Turk questions for which he is quite bereft of answers. How much will fundamentally transforming our economy to be “carbon neutral” cost? No answer. How do you know this money will pay for itself? How much will the effort spent on “carbon neutrality” lower world temperatures?

Turk clearly has nothing to offer. He babbles and mutters, and Kennedy spends four and a half minutes trying to get some semblance of an answer before he gives up.

This is a very poor, very half-assed attempt at gaslighting. Turk has no facts to offer other than that we put out 13 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide — a meaningless statistic in any real context when it comes to global energy production or economic output. He knows that nothing we do on “carbon neutrality” will affect anything, and “carbon neutrality” isn’t the point — rationing energy and economic activity through an ever-more-tyrannical government is.

A sane country would tar and feather a gaslighting liar like David Turk before banishing him to the obscurity of mail sorting at the post office in Chillicothe, Ohio.

2. They’re the Homeless Bum Party Now, and It’s Time to Admit It

You’ve almost certainly heard about what happened in New York City, which was that a homeless bum plying his trade as a busker who did Michael Jackson impressions when he wasn’t accosting or assaulting people and aggressively shaking them down finally went a little too far and got himself killed. The bum’s name was Jordan Neely, and his life story is a sad one. Rather than grow up and get a job and a legitimate place to live, he made himself such a nuisance that he’d been arrested more than 40 times.

But on Monday, Neely was on board the F train from Brooklyn to Broadway, and he launched into a rant demanding a meal and a beverage and then made physical threats to the other riders — something that apparently was quite a common practice of his. This time the reaction was less passive than he was accustomed to: namely, a blond-haired, blue-eyed ex-Marine who was taken into custody but hasn’t been charged after he put Neely into a chokehold and incapacitated him. Neely died from the experience.

It’s certainly an unfortunate incident. Neely is black, so now it’s a racial incident. And, of course, you get this garbage:

As the “community notes” that shortly appeared under Pressley’s stupid tweet made clear, this is a 2012 video that reflects conduct much different than that which got Neely killed.

Pressley wasn’t the only black-knighter-of-homeless-bums to grace Twitter with her wisdom. There was this:

Is it unfair to paint the whole Democrat Party with this brush? Well, go and look at every city they run. They’re all overrun with Jordan Neelys who waste their lives with drugs, crime, and other behavioral pathol0gies that leave broken souls and inexorable bad ends, and that’s the case because those cities are run in such ways that incentivize the evil around us.

The disorder, chaos, violence, and filth that we all see everywhere.

And every time someone fights back against it, they’re attacked and disparaged by people like Ayanna Pressley and AOC. By the way, let’s not get carried away with the idea that this was someone who was mentally ill. It was the Left that broke open the gates of the insane asylums and dumped them out into the streets while normalizing the kinds of behaviors that lead to these outcomes.

So yeah — it’s the Homeless Bum Party. Own it and wear it, gang. You aren’t fooling anyone, and the folks have had just about enough. This won’t be the last incident where the Normals take matters into their own hands, and at some point, you might just pine for the days when those cops you’ve so disparaged were in charge of the streets rather than the Charles Bronsons and Bruce Waynes who’ll eventually come.

3. New Orleans Soros DA Breaks Out His Fiddle as ‘Rome Is Burning’

Jason Williams is a real piece of work. He’s a former hard-left city councilman in New Orleans who, amid an investigation into possible tax evasion, ran for district attorney and, with the help of the usual George Soros cash drop, managed to win even despite his legal troubles.

And ever since he’s been in office, crime has gotten completely out of control in the city. As an example, as of May 3, there had been 2,805 car thefts in New Orleans in 2023, which translates to about a 3 percent chance that your car will be stolen in Orleans Parish if you keep it there over the course of this year.

This happens because nobody is punished for crime in New Orleans, obviously.

But Williams has suddenly gotten religion, so much so that he went on Fox News to screech about crime:

New Orleans District Attorney Jason Williams issued a dire warning against surging violence in his city and across the country, arguing “Rome is burning” as crime continues to ravage the city’s once-quaint streets.

Williams joined “America’s Newsroom” to discuss how to mitigate the all-time high violence and what can be done to reverse the terrifying trend.

“I am quoted as saying Rome is burning, and that is not meant to be hyperbolic… I’ve been ringing this alarm for over a year now,” Williams told co-host Bill Hemmer Thursday. “Not just in New Orleans, but in its entire country. Uvalde, Nashville, Tennessee, Midtown Atlanta yesterday, Cleveland, Texas last week.”

“This pandemic of violence is not confined to New Orleans’ borders, but this is the area that I am focused on. This is where my family lives, and the level of repeated violence is unparalleled and we need national and local responses to it.”

And why? Because last week some mindless thug shot up the street outside the world-famous Italian eatery Mandina’s Restaurant, killing one patron and wounding several others, and this has made the city’s residents seethe with white-hot anger over the failed justice system in the Big Easy.

You see what he’s doing there, though, right? He’s equating the insane rampages of school shooters with the mindless violence of New Orleans’ criminal class when those are not comparable instances.

This is something you’ll see more of, by the way. This narrative essentially holds that lone-wolf-loser white kids who take their unhappy childhoods out on their suburban schoolmates with a rifle or pistol in hand are a crime epidemic that rivals the utter lawlessness on the city streets.

When while the mass shootings are appallingly frequent, they’re absolutely nothing compared to the daily carnage in Chicago and St. Louis and New Orleans.

Just another example of the gaslighting.

4. Well, Looky Here…

The lies never ever stop. Hey Chuck, with no gas — how are you going to keep gaslighting?

5. And a Payoff, of Sorts

So far this is a somewhat humorous thing. But it might not stay that way.

You almost assuredly heard about the drone attack by … someone … on the Kremlin in Moscow. It’s said to have been an assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin, but, if so, it seems that it was pretty feeble in that regard. What it did result in was a loud boom atop the Kremlin’s dome.

But it’s the reaction of our government that is at issue here:

The White House on Wednesday denied any involvement in an alleged drone attack on the Kremlin, after Russian spokesman Dmitry Peskov accused Washington of guiding Ukraine to launch the assault.

“We had nothing to do with this,” said John Kirby, spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, on MSNBC.

“Peskov is just lying there, pure and simple,” he added.

Russia alleges that Ukraine carried out a “terrorist attack” overnight Tuesday into Wednesday with two drones, aiming to kill President Vladimir Putin, a charge which Kyiv has denied.

Throughout its more than year-long offensive in Ukraine, Moscow has maintained that Kyiv is taking orders from Washington — accusing the West of leading a war against Russia by proxy.

Peskov, Putin’s longtime press secretary, said earlier Wednesday that “decisions on such attacks are not made in Kyiv, but in Washington.”

“Kyiv only does what it is told to do,” he added.

There is certainly no reason to believe Peskov, or Putin, for that matter.

The problem is that there is no reason to believe Kirby either. He’s a known liar who’s been caught in manifestly obvious falsehoods again and again. And after the bombing of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, well…

That’s the problem with gaslighting. You might think that your barrage of lies will force your victim to question his perceptions and submit, but eventually when he’s had enough, that’s it — and nothing you say will be believed.

Especially when the Ukraine war is now escalating, and we still have done nothing to bring it to the peace table. The idea of being sucked into World War III under the leadership of Joe Biden and a party of gaslighting prevaricators like Chuck Schumer, AOC, Kamala Harris, and David Turk when we don’t even have a national interest at stake ought to be enough to break through the fog.

So far it hasn’t. That’s a shame. But the night seems young, and the gaslighting is an epidemic.

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