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Finally, School Bathrooms Are Safe From The Federal Government

Many thanks to President Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for protecting young school girls and boys. On Wednesday they rescinded the absurd letter from the Obama administration that allowed boys to use the girls’ bathroom as long as they “identified” as a girl.

The letter purported to prohibit “discrimination based on a student’s gender identity, including discrimination based on a student’s transgender status,” with “gender identity” referring “to an individual’s internal sense of gender. A person’s gender identity may be different from or the same as the person’s sex assigned at birth.”

As I noted in May of last year…

…young boys can cause a lot of “mischief” that involves young girls (having once been a young boy myself, I know). But in my time that mischief almost always stopped at the entrance to the Girls’ Bathroom—and if it didn’t, there were consequences.

But those consequences have now been swept aside by the Obama Administration, and it won’t be long before young boys figure it out. So young girls will have to experience the trauma of young boys charging into the Girls’ Bathroom with the cameras on their cell phones a blazing. Parents will have to deal with the fallout from that trauma. And expect teachers and janitors to have to deal with the fallout (or, rather, messes) when more young girls no longer want to use the bathroom.

Now the decision will be left to states and localities where it belongs. If the San Francisco school board wants to adopt a policy similar to the Obama administration, well, although I think they’d be foolish to do so, they will and should be free to do so. If the parents don’t like it, they can vote the school board out. And if the majority of parents are okay with the policy, parents who are not can still move to a school district that does not adopt the policy. It also means that it won’t only be the children, parents and teachers who will pay the cost of the policy, as it would be if it were imposed by un-elected bureaucrats in the U.S. Justice and Education Departments. Local and state politicians will face the very real possibility of being voted out of office if they make decisions the public dislikes.

Naturally, the media portrayed the move as discrimination. Typical was the lede of a New York Times article: “President Trump on Wednesday rescinded protections for transgender students that had allowed them to use bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity.” It would be more accurate to say that he increased protections for most school children, especially girls.

But at least the Times was semi-rational. Many others on the left freaked out (Do they do anything else these days?  –The Wife) with this being one of the more amusing examples:

Huh. I didn’t know that transgender people vaporize when they are denied access to the bathroom of their choice. I learn something new every day!

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