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Ex-Men Set to Break Women’s Records!

You are what you feel.

Only in unhinged modern America could we confuse that two-bit feel good slogan with reality. But today, more and more, we are told, and often commanded by laws and regulations, that we must treat people based on how they feel, this, despite the fact that their feelings often are at odds with reality and common sense. No place can this absurdity be better illustrated than female athletics.

Almost daily, we are treated to stories about biologically born men, some who have gone through surgery, some who haven’t, who now consider themselves women and are competing in women’s athletics. Not surprisingly, these new civil rights champs are dominating the athletic competitions they have entered.

Allow me to introduce you to weightlifter Gavin Hubbard AKA Laurel Hubbard. Hubbard just won the Australian International weightlifting contest, outlifting the competition by 45-lbs. Although Hubbard is still biologically a man, he was allowed to participate having cleared the low hurdle set by the International Olympic Committee. The IOC used to have tougher standards regarding male to female athletes, requiring first surgery and two years of hormone treatment before they could compete. But now, thanks to political correctness, the surgery requirement was dropped.

Back in the United States, standards if they exist anymore have been watered down. In California, state law stipulates “a pupil be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs and activities, including athletic teams and competitions, and use facilities consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.” In Alaska the Alaska Schools Activities Association allows individual school districts to decide if transgender athletes may compete in a sport by their chosen gender.

When laws don’t yet match transgender athletes’ feelings, not to worry as there is always an eager trial lawyer happy to work with them and head to the nearest courtroom. That is exactly what 6-foot-tall Christina Ginther, who was born a male, did. Ginther wanted to play for the Minnesota Vixens, a women’s semi-pro football team but was told no, due to safety concerns. After being told this Ginther said, “I hung up the phone and just felt violated. I mean, just the sense of, ‘I’m a freak. I’m defective. I am not worthy to be with this team.” As you can guess Ginther’s feelings of being a victim didn’t last long, as Ginther has since filed a lawsuit against the league, adding “But if anything, trans people should feel empowered. Yes, we do have a voice.” Notice the total lack of concern by Ginther for the safety of the players in the league, because how one feels now entitles a person to do what they want, no matter the consequences for others.

If women are counting on feminist groups to come to their rescue and to protect women’s rights when it comes to upholding the sanctity of women’s athletics, they should think again. Do a quick search of prominent feminist organizations like the National Organization for Women and you’ll find plenty of editorials being churned out by them such as “Why Transphobia is a Feminist Issue.” Sorry ladies, there is a coup being led against female athletes, and it appears to be an inside job.

If one projects ten or twenty years down the line it is entirely reasonable to believe that most of the top female athletic records, whether on the high school, college, Olympic or professional levels, will be held by either biological men or people born male. Even Orwell couldn’t have dreamt up this ridiculous nightmarish scenario.

If you think the movement of you are what you feel when it comes to gender is restricted to just female athletics, visit your nearest college campus where gender neutral pronouns are in vogue. The University of Michigan has a designated pronoun policy set by the pronoun committee. What is a designated pronoun? According to the University of Michigan, “A designated pronoun is a pronoun an individual chooses to identify with and expects others to use when referencing them (i.e., he, she, him, his, ze, etc.).”

One enterprising conservative student at the university has changed his designated pronoun to His Majesty to highlight the absurdity of it all. In light of this, perhaps female athletes who see their records, and perhaps even bones, shattered being forced to play against biological males, can change their designated pronouns to screwed over by liberalism as a form of protest.

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