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Everyone Who Disagrees with MD Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) is a Scoundrel

Maryland’s slippery ultra-liberal governor, Martin O’Malley, has a history of making vicious, irresponsible, and inflammatory statements that only a Democratic politician could get away with.

A case in point is O’Malley’s nasty attack on Republicans who dare to insist on fiscal responsibility. From FoxNews.com:

At this weekend’s meeting of the National Governors Association, O’Malley has said Republican governors should urge GOP lawmakers to make a deal with Obama to increase the government’s borrowing limit before the Aug. 2 deadline when U.S. faces a financial default.

The Republicans seem to be led by uncompromising hard-liners, he said, singling out House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., for criticism.

“I think that there is an extreme wing within their party who have as their primary goal not the jobs recovery, but the defeat of President Obama in 2012,” O’Malley said in an interview. “They know that their formulations, their policies of less revenues and less regulation badly failed our country and plunged us into this recession. So their only way of evening the playing field is to keep the president from being successful in the jobs recovery.”

He contended that key Republican members of Congress, “through their intransigence, cleverly set up a situation for America’s economy to fail, either by needlessly driving us to default, or needlessly driving us into massive public sector layoffs.”

“I think that they are disgracefully cynical,” said O’Malley, who has a prominent profile as head of the Democratic governors’ group. [emphasis added above]

In 2005, O’Malley, at the time mayor of Baltimore, likened President George W. Bush to bin Laden’s operatives. 

Back on September 11, terrorists attacked our metropolitan cores, two of America’s great cities. They did that because they knew that was where they could do the most damage and weaken us the most. Years later, we are given a budget proposal by our commander in chief, the president of the United States. And with a budget ax, he is attacking America’s cities. He is attacking our metropolitan core.

The context here is worth noting. At the time President Bush was trying to reduce spending by a piddling $2 billion (on so-called community development programs).

O’Malley, by the way, is just one of the many players in my new book, Subversion Inc.

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