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Endgame: Plot Holes, Spoilers and Predictions for a Marvelous Future
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Since discussing Endgame theories is still verboten by polite company on Twitter (I jest, there is no polite company there) and other public forums, one must cloister oneself to a Google-blacklisted website like The American Spectator. A cultural phenomenon like a Marvel movie, Endgame is pushing $1.5 billion in ticket sales after only a week, must be discussed! This post is a demonstration of great restraint. I saw the movie last weekend and waited til now to post so readers could see the movie first.

There are spoilers ahead so stop now, if that matters to you. 

Onto the good stuff.

  1. Captain America is worthy of Thor’s hammer. My son came popping out of the movie saying four words that tinkle like glorious cymbals, “Mom, you were right!” What was I right about? I told him after we saw Age of Ultron together that Steve Rogers purposefully didn’t pick up the hammer so as not to upset the god and that the good Captain was worthy. And so he was. Were you thrilled when Cap called it? What a fun moment.
  2. Iron Man’s character arc and the beauty of embracing fatherhood pulled the film together.(He’s a stark, ahem, contrast to Thanos’ bad parenting.) Many men relate to him making peace with his father and making peace with being a father. Tony finally grew up. It took a while, but Tony got it.
  3. Thor’s moment with his mom. I’ve seen men write of their connection to Tony’s transformation. Thor’s stolen moment with Frigga was so tender, I cried. Rene Russo was shamefully underused throughout the Thor franchise and it was lovely to see her adore her adult son and demonstrate true, selfless bravery in facing the future.
  4. Tony had to die, but did Black Widow? It was the obvious place the story was going and it was obvious that Ironman was going to make the ultimate sacrifice. What I wasn’t prepared for was watching Black Widow, after her life of abuse and sorrow and love lost, sacrifice herself to save and redeem her friend. Noooo! The scene was absolutely brutal. Scarlett Johansson is the best actor in the cast. She’s a true talent and brought depth to a nuanced character. I don’t want her to go. Maybe she isn’t truly gone? In the predictions section, I’ve thought of something…
  5. It was great to see the Ancient One again. Another stellar actress giving gravity to a short scene.
  6. Chris Evans doesn’t get enough credit for creating a believable Captain America. What could be a cardboard-cutout character Evans makes sincere and fully realized. Steve Rogers is not a simple man. He’s been to war. He’s seen friends die. He lost his best friend (or thought he did), lost him again, and lost love, lost it again, and then found it. It was good to see him be rewarded, but so difficult to see him old. Did it seem false to you that Captain America would be self-seeking in the end? His essence is self-sacrifice. I’m not the only one who wondered about it.
  7. Thanos’ daughters’ resilience to overcome, damaged though they be, an abusive childhood. It’s impressive to have a superhero movie do an accurate portrayal of siblings suffering under a tyrant. The way they coped with one another and came to find forgiveness and sisterhood felt authentic.
  8. Captain Marvel got so little screen time. That was a surprise. Fine with me. The end scene that had all the ladies in a collective hero shot was annoying. The Scarlett Witch is one of the most powerful beings in the universe and has been fighting like a badass for many movies. All the ladies of Wakanda are tough. Thanos’ girls are warriors. There was no need to lump them together. Bleh. The hero of the movie was Black Widow. Women fought alongside men. “The #GoGurl moment” was unnecessary and condescending.
  9. The ultimate goal is always hearth and home. New Asgard, Clint Barton on the farm with his family, Tony and Pepper’s home on the lake, Steve Rogers and Peggy dancing. That’s the heart’s hope and the reason for it all, and ironically what Thanos was so angry about not having. But home cannot be created with a snap of the fingers, as Thanos discovers. It takes work which is why Steve Roger’s choice seems out of character.

Weird things and predictions:

  1. Why won’t Natasha Romanoff come back when Captain America returns the stone? A soul for a soul? And couldn’t she then be in Captain’s time and have, as she’d always hoped, her past erased?
  2. Loki went somewhere with the scepter. He’s alive and making a mess in an alternate timeline. I bet what we saw was not the last of it or him.
  3. Star-Lord still has the star within. How could half of his DNA just poof, be gone? My prediction is this: We’ll see that he is still, in fact, immortal when he fights Thor and the fight is even. This fight is inevitable because they’re both Alpha’s and goofballs.
  4. Dr. Strange is amazing. There better be more movies.
  5. Could Ironman’s daughter be an Irongirl at some point? Someone has to run the empire with Pepper. Could the kid who was at Tony’s funeral be the new Ironman? Could Clint’s daughter Lila be the new Hawkeye?
  6. Ironman gave Spiderman some gravitas. Where will that come from now?
  7. Why wasn’t Bucky Barnes the next Captain America? Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to go? More Sebastian Stan, please. I do love Falcon and he’ll be a great Captain America, but still. What happens to Bucky?
  8. If the Mind Stone is returned, it means it goes back into Vision’s noggin, right? That means more movies with him? I hope so. He’s amazing. And then, could Vision create an A.I. version of Tony to keep Pepper company? He does have Tony’s genius after all. Then, all Robert Downey, Jr. would have to do is voice work.

After watching the movie, it’s difficult to imagine where it will go. Losing the anchors – Captain America and Ironman – makes the Marvel universe seem sadly empty. When the Guardians of the Galaxy flew away, everything shifted. The earth is connected to the Universe and the technological leaps (time travel!) open many possibilities. Maybe too many possibilities? Will it float away now?

Avengers: Endgame raised plenty of questions and it will take lots of movies to answer them, so maybe the magic isn’t gone. One good side of this end? Robert Downey, Jr. is now free to do another Sherlock movie. It’s been too long.

Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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