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Elliott Abrams Almost Pulled Off a Larry David

Before Larry David became famous from his work on Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, he was a writer for a year on Saturday Night Live. He only managed to get one sketch on the show the whole season.

After six weeks of being treated poorly, Larry confronted the producer five minutes before the show was scheduled to go on the air. He concluded his tirade by quitting the show and storming off the set.

As he was walking home, Larry realized that he made a horrible mistake. His neighbor Kenny Kramer, who inspired the Seinfeld character played by Michael Richards, had an idea.

Kramer told Larry, “Why don’t you just go back on Monday and pretend it never happened?”

Larry didn’t think he had anything to lose.

All of the writers were stunned that Larry showed up to the Monday meeting after everyone saw him scream at the producer only two days before. Despite the dirty looks, nobody said anything to him.

Larry’s gamble worked, and he stayed on for the rest of the season. Just this week, Elliott Abrams tried to pull off something similar with the State Department.

In May 2016, Abrams wrote an anti-Trump op-ed. He compared Donald Trump to George McGovern when he wrote, “The party has nominated someone who cannot win and should not be president of the United States.”

During the Republican Convention, Abrams argued that “Trump needs to be reminded of how many in the party oppose and even fear his nomination.” Clearly, Donald Trump didn’t need to be reminded of Abrams’ words. He promptly rejected his attempt to become Deputy Secretary of State.

Trump was correct that there are plenty of qualified people for the post. The disloyalty of the Never Trumpers should not be rewarded.

As I wrote during the campaign, “I respect the people who oppose Trump out of principle. I have no respect for people who will oppose Trump for personal gain.”

Even if his opposition was based solely on policy differences, it is unbelievable that Abrams would have the nerve to ask for a job in the administration. For people like me, who favor a strong national security, I believed it was ridiculous to settle for Hillary Clinton’s victory over Donald Trump.

I cannot understand how any Republican would settle for a third term of President Obama’s foreign policy. President Obama gutted our military through sequestration, his premature withdrawal from Iraq was partly responsible for the creation of ISIS, his diplomacy resulted in the Iran deal, his failure to hold the red line against Assad gave Putin a green light into Crimea, he refused to say the words “Islamic terrorism,” and he constantly favored the Palestinians over the Israelis, just to name a few.

Beyond the corruption of the Clinton Foundation, and her unsecure private server, there is good reason to suspect that Hillary would have continued Obama’s failed policies. After President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, I couldn’t help but wonder who Hillary would have appointed if more people had listened to the Never Trumpers.

These people don’t deserve any positions in the Trump administration.

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