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Eight Years of the Silent Treatment

Just so we’re clear: Eight years of rising anti-Semitism on college campuses and abroad. Eight years of French Jews too scared to wear their kipot (yarmulkes) on the streets and observe their religion openly. Eight years of Jews fleeing France for Israel, at a record-setting pace. Daily stabbings of Jews, including American Jews, a kosher butcher slain in his market, with no mention by our then-President Obama. The Holocaust museum in Washington assaulted by a white supremacist, a stabbing at a temple in Brooklyn, Jewish college kids heckled and assaulted on college campuses, and utter silence.

Eight years and nothing. Then, one month and everything? You want to blame the anti-Semitic rise on a President? Well, here is the name of the President you should be blaming: Barack Obama. For just a second, forget about his anti-Semitic treatment of Israel and his absolute dereliction of speech regarding France. Under his watch, college campuses became a breeding ground for anti-Jewish sentiment. Under his watch, college students were forced into silence. And, even more so, absolute silence from “Jewish” groups like the ADL and other leftist Jewish political organizations.

The former president’s laissez-faire attitude toward a regime that not only denies the Holocaust but, ironically, calls for another one is what gives anti-Semitism legs to stand on. It is not President Trump denouncing a defunct organization like the KKK, but it is calling a Jewish prime minister of a Jewish state a “chicken s—t.” That is what breeds anti-Semitism and allows it to fester. It is not an anomalous one-time omission of Jews by President Trump at a Holocaust speech but rather an administration that signs a dangerous treaty with Iran.

The rise of the anti-Semitic BDS movement occurred under whose watch? Calls for bands not to play in Israel occurred under whose watch? Barack Obama’s anti-Israel policy, and by proxy anti-Jewish policy, has set Jewish security around the world back to the 1930s. It was an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel bigot who presided over which president’s wedding? But facts don’t matter to the media and the left, do they.

As a Jew, this isn’t easy for me to talk about. I don’t like to break ranks, but the mock outrage and the self-loathing that are coming out now, from groups like the ADL is nauseating and repulsive. The outrage from leftist Jews across America, who represent about 75 percent of my people, is downright dangerous. Did you really think eight years of anti-Jewish foreign policy wouldn’t breed hatred in America? Have you learned nothing? Did you really think hurling insults at a prime minister would have no adverse reaction? And yet, you said nothing, and now your words mean nothing. You stand for nothing, and you fall for everything.

Where was this outrage, when it needed to be addressed? Why were you not calling for Obama to say something? It just didn’t fit your myopic narrative, plain and simple. Now “WE” in the United States have tombstones overturned and community centers being targeted. And now that it is “HERE,” you finally raise your voice? Well, many of us have two words for you, ADL: Shut up. You are complete and absolute phonies and an arm of the Democratic Party. You are allowing yourselves to be used as pawns, right now, in a proxy war in your party. Keith Ellison is about to become the chair of the DNC and again we have SILENCE. You choose to go after “so-called threats,” and yet not after an “acknowledged threat.” If you don’t think that this lazy attitude toward radical Islam is a principal cause of the rise in anti-Semitism and that it’s the fault of the newly elected president, then you are as responsible as the past president for this anti-Semitic mess.

Not once, Abraham Foxman, have you called out George Soros. Take out of the equation his collaboration with the Nazis. But his funding of the BDS movement and his funding of the anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter are unacceptable. Your silence hasn’t been deafening, it’s been sadly telling. Soros funds every protest, and each protest almost always has anti-Semitic, anti-Israel propaganda being bandied about. Where were your calls of righteous indignation, when the Palestinian flag was being flown at the DNC? Of course, they were nowhere.

The difference between a liberal Jew and a conservative Jew is that “a liberal Jews claims to love Jews and hates Israel, and a conservative Jew ‘hates’ Jews but loves Israel.” Ironic, isn’t it, that President Trump treats Bibi and Israel with respect and dignity, whereas Obama treated Israel as the enemy. Now who’s the anti-Semite? Yes, these current threats are horrible, but not for a second can the blame fall on President Trump. It’s easy, it fits a narrative, but for a people who claim to be intellectuals, you are being stone-cold idiots. This isn’t a Trump problem; it’s an Obama leftist Jew problem. You were silent, and now they are getting louder. Moreover, since the left of all ilk claims intellectual prowess, consider eight years of rising anti-Semitism and a president in power for only a month. Is math all of a sudden not your strong suit?

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