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America Is Still Multiethnic and Not Multicultural: Be Thankful


If white nationalism emerges as a societal threat, it won’t be because of white nationalists’ organizational and leadership skills. It will be the result of policies of those who would abhor such a development. Tribalism is a persistent human emotion. Overarching nationalism that appeared to be long embraced collapsed in a single night, replaced by […]

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Lessons From an Entrepreneur


We libertarian conservatives have by middle age read a multitude of books, pamphlets, and essays on entrepreneurship. I did not think there was much new that I could read. Yet my friend Bob Luddy has done it. He has written a book that tells me many things that I did not know about the challenges facing an entrepreneur, and that is because Bob is one of the wizards of the art. Then there is something more — he writes as a gifted writer should write. Every sentence that he writes has meaning and clarity. It is the rare businessman that can do that. Entrepreneurial Life: The Path From Startup to Market Leader is the best book on entrepreneurship that I know of. Every aspiring entrepreneur should read it and many an educator too, for Bob ends his book with hints for improving the country’s schools. After founding what has become the country’s largest commercial kitchen ventilation company, CaptiveAire, he founded a string of private schools on the principles that he developed at CaptiveAire.

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Blaming Georgetown University for Slavery


Slavery is evil. Most Americans recognize that. Most people around the world also do so. But that wasn’t always so. Indeed, a couple of centuries, not to mention a couple of millennia, ago people held many views which today are considered, shall we say, unsavory at best. Such as warring for no and every reason, […]

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The President as Educator


Regarding the president’s language, it is unfortunate it causes such pain to so many gentle souls. You can long for a president with the cadenced eloquence of John F. Kennedy; or you may miss the unerring truth-telling eloquence of Ronald Reagan, reminiscent of the great Daniel Webster, a senatorial model of the sort of language […]

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Would Artificial Intelligence Guide Education or Grab It?


What is artificial intelligence (AI), and should we welcome it as a major force in education and other areas of our lives? Closing out 2017, Education Week published essays written by futurists that seemed to give a big “yes” to the second part of that question. The Encyclopedia Britannica explains AI is, at least in part, “the ability of […]

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Kids Need Talented, Tough Teachers


What makes the average grade-school child happy? Not necessarily notching a high score on a math test, if the results of a little study recently featured in Education Week, the education establishment’s paper of record, are to be believed. The study’s headline-grabbing conclusion was that, in general, teachers who do well in raising kids’ test […]

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American Test Scores Decline… Gee, Wonder Why?


In 2013 Michael Cohen of Achieve, Inc. (an organization integral to developing and marketing the Common Core national standards) testified in New York that Common Core is a long-term education experiment on our children: “The full effects… won’t be seen until an entire cohort of students, from kindergarten through high school graduation, has been effectively […]

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Time to Tear Down These Schools


Sacramento I love the Houston Chronicle story about the modest suburban Texas grocery store that defeated the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War. Seriously, any museum that commemorates the fall of communism needs to have photos on the wall of Ronald Reagan, Lech Walesa, Pope John Paul II, and the former Randall’s store in […]

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Is Technology Really Better for Education?


Of the propaganda that generally swirls around public education, none is more prominent than the claim that technological “personalized learning” can transform learning. Ed-tech companies trumpet how “innovative” and “engaging” their products are, perfect for efficiently training the 21st-century drones needed by the global economy. Buy our digital devices for your students, they urge, and […]

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Education Savings Accounts Are the Best Choice in School Choice


The movement to provide choice in schools increasingly, and perhaps predictably, offers more choices. If vouchers represented an advance on charter schools, Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) appear as another evolutionary step. Just five states make ESAs available, and Nevada, alone among those states, makes it almost universally available. This looks to change very quickly. Legislatures […]

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