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Psychosocial School Rise Raises Need for Choice


As educational technology (ed-tech) becomes a pervasive force in U.S. education, does it make you smile or make you want to scream? It is easy to imagine ed-tech bringing smiles to the faces of family members who have gone online and discovered a brilliant lecture or literary/artistic masterpieces to supplement a child’s quest for knowledge. […]

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Bill Gates Doesn’t Get It


We’re told that students must have grit, tenacity, and perseverance to succeed in the 21st-century economy, and that schools should spend more time instilling those characteristics than actually teaching academic content. The poster boy for GT&P could be Bill Gates. After wasting many years and billions of dollars on remaking American education in his own image, […]

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What Do You Get When You Google ‘Homeschoolers’?


My wife and I have four children and we homeschool them. People often ask us if that is difficult, with the kids there all the time. We usually respond by pointing out the benefits of home schooling. And there are many, many benefits to home schooling our children. There might be more expenses involved than […]

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The Promise of Child Safety Accounts


Although violent incidents in schools have declined since the 1990s, recent high-profile school shootings have put parents (and children) on edge, wondering if their son or daughter will be the next victim of a crazed gunman’s rampage. It can be difficult to attribute exact motivations to people, especially younger ones, who commit heinous murders or […]

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Striking Teachers a Boon for Homeschooling


It doesn’t take much effort to cause offense in our supersensitive times. Practically any statement uttered with passionate conviction can provoke angry condemnation, after which an apology is practically de rigueur. Sure enough, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, a Republican, apologized two days after asserting in the following manner his frustration with a walkout of thousands of […]

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Requiring College Degrees for Pre-School Teachers Would Hurt Kids and Teachers Alike


D.C. has been something of a factory of bad ideas of late. Last week, it was the proposal to subject servers to conventional minimum wage laws, despite the fact that they make more when they can count tips towards the minimum wage requirement. Last month, D.C. wanted to tax Uber and Lyft for having the […]

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Psychological Manipulation Pearson Report

The Latest Creepy Orwellian Education Tactic


It sounds like a sci-fi movie: altering behavior and personality by surreptitiously embedding psychologically manipulative messages into a computer platform. But according to Education Week, that’s what mega-publisher Pearson did in 2017 to over 9,000 unwitting college students. And this episode foreshadows what’s coming soon to a K-12 classroom near you. Pearson’s project used “social-psychological interventions,” […]

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Child Safety Accounts: Protecting Our Children With Freedom


Safety in schools has become of paramount concern to students and parents, especially on days like today, the nineteenth anniversary of the horrific Columbine school shooting. It’s not just school shootings causing this concern, however. It is the bullying, sexual harassment, and assaults many students deal with on a daily basis. With the rise of […]

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America Is Still Multiethnic and Not Multicultural: Be Thankful


If white nationalism emerges as a societal threat, it won’t be because of white nationalists’ organizational and leadership skills. It will be the result of policies of those who would abhor such a development. Tribalism is a persistent human emotion. Overarching nationalism that appeared to be long embraced collapsed in a single night, replaced by […]

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Lessons From an Entrepreneur


We libertarian conservatives have by middle age read a multitude of books, pamphlets, and essays on entrepreneurship. I did not think there was much new that I could read. Yet my friend Bob Luddy has done it. He has written a book that tells me many things that I did not know about the challenges facing an entrepreneur, and that is because Bob is one of the wizards of the art. Then there is something more — he writes as a gifted writer should write. Every sentence that he writes has meaning and clarity. It is the rare businessman that can do that. Entrepreneurial Life: The Path From Startup to Market Leader is the best book on entrepreneurship that I know of. Every aspiring entrepreneur should read it and many an educator too, for Bob ends his book with hints for improving the country’s schools. After founding what has become the country’s largest commercial kitchen ventilation company, CaptiveAire, he founded a string of private schools on the principles that he developed at CaptiveAire.

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