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Donald Trump in the New Year

Last week I had the pleasure of spending my New Year holiday with some very special friends. My friend’s wife cooked an extraordinary meal for a minion of husbands, wives, and their beautiful children. The meal was spent honoring the New Year, with the sweetness we all hope for. Challah and honey, as well as exotic fruits were aplenty. Different wines were sampled, and a few other alcoholic beverages were imbibed. I, of course, had my usual Diet Coke.

Stories of past and present were told, great times were had, and, oh the stories.

There was the one of when we took my friend’s brother to his first strip joint, and how we “felt terrible” for opening his eyes to the dark side. Yeah, there was the story of how we were once asked by a disabled friend of ours to clean out his house, and what we found in his house while we cleaned it. Apparently, he had a fascination with Crate and Barrel. There was a slew of other mail order catalog trinkets, oh yeah and like a thousand porno DVDs. This confused us, because we had always wondered whether or not his plumbing worked, since he was disabled. How we actually found out is a whole other story in itself. Yes, we were a minyan of Trump supporters ushering in the New Year.

Some of us successful, some of us not as successful, some of us high school graduates, some of us college graduates, all of us were working people who shared one common thread: we love our freedom and we love our country. When I say our freedom, I’m specifically talking about one freedom and that is the freedom of speech. By that, I mean to speak without fear of recrimination and without fear of persecution. We are all entitled to our basic inalienable right to speak freely. Of course, every once in a while my friend’s wife would give us that look. Most of the time that look was addressed to me, and, yes, of course the kids were out of the room for these conversations. I don’t want child protective services called on me by the faint of heart and humor. But, she’s a great ‘broad’, and no joke, the best cook. And no, that’s not sexist, she just happens to be an amazing cook and mother. Do I think every Rosh Hashana meal was like ours? Hell no, but there is one thing they all had in common, there was active open discourse going on at all them.

Now, obviously, our meal took place before Mr. Trump’s “horrific,” “atrocious,” “deplorable” video was “leaked.”  Were you as “shocked” as I was to learn, that Mr. Trump has no filter, he likes women, and I mean really likes women? We found out, that in the confines of what most would have considered a private conversation, Mr. Trump had a sense of humor, and that “heaven forbid” he objectified women. Heavens to Betsy. News flash: an American male has funny, illicit thoughts. Let’s castrate him. I guess the left has been trying to castrate men for the past 30 years and turn us into ugly Ken dolls. Donald Trump represents the last American man standing. Well, I have some bad news for you ladies and already castrated momma’s boys on the left, there are still a few of us left.

For most of us, this has never been about the Wall. For most of us, this has never been about Trade, or whatever Asian got the better of Mr. Trump. For most of us it’s been about “oh my god he said it,” and “no, he’s not taking it back.” Mr. Trump has been in a constant state of “did he just say that?” It was almost never for effect. It was just what he was thinking. Let’s kill a man for his thoughts, let’s bury him, let’s ruin him for his thoughts. Because, as the left has taught us, thoughts are as bad as the actions themselves. Unless, of course, it’s Flying private jets to a meeting on climate change. Yes, he touched a nerve with many of his stances. The light and horror that he shed on the direction into which our nation is heading, is truly clear. But the biggest eye opener he offered, is that, men still want to be men. But the greatest secret the progressives don’t want you to know is that many women still want men to be men too.

Yes, women want men to open doors, yes, women want men to pay for the meals, and, yes, many women want to be “objectified” or another word for that is complimented. Yes, I’m generalizing, and I will be told my thinking is archaic and if it is, so be it. I’m OK with that. Movies represent society, and in case you haven’t noticed, women are as “crude” and as “lewd” as men. How many women pride themselves on being one of the guys? It isn’t them saying they enjoy bible study. It’s them saying they want to be treated equally, and whose track record has shown this better than Mr. Trump’s? However he might treat people, he treats all equally in that vain. He’s truly an equal opportunity offender and defender and everything in the middle.

So, feign shock, feign disgust, feign whatever the hell it is you want, I will not leave the last man American man standing in his time of need. I will not take the easier softer way. I know this might offend my mostly liberal friend base, and my few fellow Republican friends, but I don’t really care. Mr. Trump had to happen. Whether for good, bad, or indifferent, it had to happen. He represents all that is good and bad in all of us. He represents the honey of the meal, and the crude stories that go with it. He represents the fathers, the grandfathers, and the true feminist women. He’s the guy you warn your daughters about, and apparently your wives to. He’s everything this great country was built on, he is the First Amendment.

So, if you want to live in complete censorship and hypocrisy, and if you want your men and women to be neutered, obviously Hillary’s your gal. Since Hillary couldn’t do this to Bill or his harem, she’s trying to spay and neuter the rest of us. Women are having their genitalia sewed up and killed in the name of Allah, girls are being kidnapped and raped by the thousands, and this is where the progressives draw the line? They draw the line with thought and humor. Well, if Mr. Trump is guilty for thought, then I guess I deserve life too. But, as we usher in this sweet and hopefully spicy New Year, I pray for all, that all your dreams and fantasies come true. No matter how “salacious” and “depraved” they might be, that’s all they are: “fantasies and dreams.” For the moment, those aren’t illegal. I wish you all a sweet, crude and everything in the middle New Year, and may your meals stay as free as mine.

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