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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Evil Minions the Awan’s

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz fired a guy caught by the FBI trying to flee the country with $300,000 back to Pakistan yesterday. His name is Imran Awan. The guy was an information technologist who worked for many House Democrat members. Awan is part of a family of supposed IT specialists and car dealership owners. No, that’s not a joke. Awan’s wife and kids already fled the country in March.

The Capitol Hill police had earlier found a hidden laptop belonging to Ms. Wasserman Schultz’s office and put in a secret place by Imran Awan. Why?

Ms. Wasserman Shultz threatened the Capitol Hill police chief when he wouldn’t return the computer. Why? The video is something to watch.

Ms. Wasserman Schultz didn’t fire Awan when the computer was found “lost” and confiscated by the police. She only fired him yesterday as he was fleeing the country. Why?

What was Mr. Awan’s job description? Why won’t Ms. Wasserman-Schultz share it?

The mainstream media has studiously avoided this story. Why?

Are the Awan family Pakistani intelligence operatives?

Awan had DWS’s passwords and access to top secret information. What did he do with this information?

Lots of questions. Democrats are obfuscating and hiding.

Speaking of, did you notice that the Democrats have blocked the Fusion GPS founder Glen Simpson from testifying. Chuck Grassley is all over this:

Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, noted that he had been asking about the Russians working with Fusion GPS since March 2017. He cited the widely discredited dossier compiled about Trump that circulated among Democratic operatives and the media during the latter stages of the 2016 presidential campaign.

“Mr. Simpson’s company, Fusion GPS, is the same firm that oversaw the creation of the unverified Trump Dossier,” Grassley said in his opening statement. “It is vital for the Committee to fully understand Fusion’s failure to register under FARA and its role in the creating and spreading of the dossier.”

Grassley acknowledged that around the same time Fusion helped to “orchestrate a propaganda campaign” to repeal the Magnitsky Act, Fusion “appears to have been involved in the creation of the dirty Trump Dossier.”

Those rascally Democrats thought that they wouldn’t have to answer for their dirty deeds because Queen Hillary was about to be crowned.

That Hillary lost has upset the divine D.C. order on both sides of the aisle. Now, the Democrats, still screaming Russia are finding that the microscope is examining their actions.

P.S. Expect to see this glossed over in the media. See also, Steve Scalise, Republican shot by Bernie Bro. (He got out of the hospital today and is going to rehab, by the way.)

P.P.S. This is a must-read for background on the Russia story.

Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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