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Dear Media: Stop Pretending Hillary Clinton is Witty

After decades of cataloging and writing about left-leaning bias in America’s mainstream media, I am quite used to the fact that it’s not going anywhere for a while. I make allowances and greatly lower my expectations, which makes monitoring the nonsense less stressful.

This year, however, I’m having a rough go of it watching them do their “in the tank” routine for Hillary Clinton, who we all know Democrats are merely tolerating. Mrs. Bill couldn’t inspire ice to melt in the Sahara, so it is difficult to believe some of the effusive praise that the MSM is reflexively heaping on her merely because we are close to election day and that’s just what they do.

I draw the line at people pretending she’s a hoot.

The press has been fawning over Granny Maojackets’ Twitter account for months now, even though Hillary isn’t the one tweeting. Still, the tweets they are fawning over aren’t very witty, nor are they sick burns. Media types getting that excited over Hillary’s twitter not unlike parents of screaming, ugly kids who think the brats are well-behaved and beautiful. They’re just blind to reality because that reality is too painful to ponder.

One prerequisite for being witty and engaging is a personality, which Hillary has never demonstrated having. There is a reason that her campaign has had to “reintroduce” her to the public so many times despite the fact that she’s been in the public eye for decades.

The public doesn’t like her.

Between her forced cackle and a fake smile that looks like a prelude to peeling off her mask to show her true alien face, rational humans prefer that she never try to lighten things up.

This article is ostensibly about her “best burns” from the Al Smith Dinner but everything they gush about is upstaged by the one Trump line they shared, which was much funnier. I say that both as a professional comedian and someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time swooning over Donald Trump.

Let the media get back to prattling on and on about the “HISTORIC!” aspect if she gets elected. Stop acting as if she’d be fun at a party though.

There would be evidence somewhere in the world if that were true.

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