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Dear Fellow Conservative

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the game of life is being stacked against you. This, courtesy of the unscrupulous left. This is true in all facets in American life and can be illustrated by reliving a stunning few days in the sports & entertainment world.

Take the recent Miss America contest that was loaded with leading questions for the contestants on DACA and Global Warming. The beauties clearly understood the rules of the game: if they spouted anything but leftist drivel as answers, the odds that they could win the competition would drop to less than zero.

Moving on to ESPN where just being a known conservative will get you fired, the four-letter network had yet another banner week. ESPN personality Jemele Hill who earlier this year compared modern cops to slave patrols, was at it again, this time calling the President a white supremacist. This incendiary bombshell was at first met with no response, then came a tepid disclaimer from the network suits. This was to be expected as, after all, these are the same people who canceled a scheduled golf event because the club where the tournament was to be played had the Trump name attached to it.

While ESPN’s removal of announcer Robert Lee from a football game and Jemele Hill’s White Supremacist comments got a lot of publicity, little noticed another deplorable back and forth from on air personalities. This week some Black Lives Matters hooligans unfurled a banner during a Red Sox game that stated, “Racism is as American as Baseball.” Max Kellerman and Stephen A. Smith on air approved of the sentiment of the banner.

It is obviously clear. If you are applying for a job at ESPN, you better be wearing a Black Lives Matter or Elizabeth Warren for President pin in your lapel during the interview. Any right of center personality is a persona non-grata.

Next up we had a Hollywood telethon to raise funds for hurricane victims that like Big Brother in 1984, was on just about every network simultaneously. The Hollywood types couldn’t even do something decent for one hour, instead turning the telecast into a cheerleading session that global warming caused the latest hurricanes. Never mind we are coming off the longest pause between major hurricanes in American history, this ridiculous lie is being told enough it will become conventional wisdom. And if you dare disagree with any of the left’s dictums on Global Warming your name and reputation will be run through the mud. If this isn’t good enough to get you in line, the left is mounting a campaign to deny the right of speech on climate change if you’re a global warming denier. Hey, the left is fine with cutting nuclear deals with holocaust deniers like Ali Khamenei, but if you’re a global warming denier you stepped over the line.

Of course, it’s not just the sports and entertainment world that is rigged against conservatives, it is everywhere. Take big business. Did you see Microsoft announced it would fund the legal defense of employees if any were required to leave the country in a potential DACA deportation? Good luck as a conservative rising through the ranks of Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley, under the misleading guise of stopping hate speech, is working feverishly to censor conservative speech in real time on social media. The world of big business is so rigged against conservatism, that a Republican President can’t even find takers for his economic council.

Public education has long been a no-go zone for anyone right of center and it is only getting worse each year. Send your kid to college and they are fed four years of unchallenged leftist dogma from professors and administrators. Send your kid to kindergarten and they’ll teach your five-year-old that genders don’t exist and that being a boy or girl is an option.

Even traditional religious institutions have joined the bandwagon. Did you catch the Pope’s comments who, despite admitting he wasn’t well read on DACA, implied the President couldn’t be pro-life if he ended DACA and sent the dreamers back to their country of origin? When one listens to Pope Francis speak on economics and climate change, you get the distinct impression that he believes we are the enemy.

Being a modern conservative isn’t for the faint of heart.

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