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Crying Wolf and Killing Comedy

I don’t need to do a big thing about Michelle Wolf and how badly she stunk as the comedic talent headlining the weekend’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. By now our readers all know that she stunk.

She died. She bombed. She was a disaster.

Why? Because Michelle Wolf, like so many of her so-called comedic contemporaries, mistakenly believed that partisan leftist snark is somehow a substitute for humor. That isn’t altogether an unreasonable belief on her part, by the way; standup comedy has become a whole industry infected with leftist crank rhetoric in the place of actual material, which is one reason there used to be a wealth of hilariously funny material out there and now there is zilch.

Ask yourself the question whether there’s a modern-day equivalent of Stripes or Caddyshack or Animal House or Ghostbusters (the one with the four guys, not the knockoff with the four Democrat chicks) on a movie screen of recent vintage. The answer is Not Even Close. Humor is the first casualty of cultural Marxism, which seeks primarily to demoralize the people within the society it seeks to replace with the leftist Utopia.

So the fact that Wolf, who was summoned to give 19 minutes of ugly rhetoric disguised as comedy, wasn’t funny should surprise no one.

We say it in this space over and over, and it’s true — the American Left is a movement by and for people incapable of doing a proper job. We give you Michelle Wolf, as opposed to whom? Henny Youngman? Rodney Dangerfield? Don Rickles? Redd Foxx? Richard Pryor? Robert Klein? Jerry Seinfeld? Does anyone think she can hold a candle to those people?

This is the important takeaway from the weekend’s fiasco — not that the White House Correspondents’ Association booked an unfunny comedian who made a hash of their event, but that there were so few other options available to work with.

In the old days, the comedians didn’t alienate half the audience with ideology. They’d seek to reach, and entertain, the entire crowd by talking about experiences shared by all. Watch the Comedy Channel for any length of time and you’ll notice how little that tradition is upheld — and how feeble is the result.

Politics ruins everything. It’s ruined comedy, and it’s without question ruined the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Most of us out here in flyover country couldn’t care less.


There is a very interesting legal question which has arisen this week surrounding whether it is possible in any way to defame Stormy Daniels.

I find myself dubious as to this question, and am curious to see it explained in the affirmative. Exactly what is the basis of her good name?


So what about the “Cry Closet” at the University of Utah?

I’m going to say that the current generation isn’t all that much different from my generation, and the students’ reaction to that idiotic abomination will be some legendarily relentless pranking of the weaklings frequenting that tiny hall of shame.

If you’re a decent American with any creativity at all, you are more than capable of concocting excellent ideas for terrorizing the users of the Cry Closet. And if you’re at the University of Utah, you are morally responsible for implementing those ideas for the purpose of instruction in adulthood to those immature, fragile snowflakes populating it.

We’ve lost our ability to shame and terrorize the inadequate among us into compliance with societal norms. It’s so bad that the effort is now called “bullying.” Harassing — with extreme humor and ridicule — those who pretend as adults while hiding in closets with stuffed animals is anything but bullying. It’s taking a stand for apple pie, race cars and Uncle Sam, and those who disagree shouldn’t be protected on college campuses.


When they come to you demanding “Medicare for all” or somesuch bilge, throw Alfie Evans in their faces.

Never again should any of us tolerate the lie that somehow socialized medicine is “compassionate.” It is not. It is anything but that. It is an unmitigated LACK of compassion.

Britain, socialist Britain, celebrated the birth of its royal baby while its law enforcement stood guard against ordinary parents taking their child out of a hospital and bringing him to another country where he might receive medical treatment the British government denied him.

That is the National Health Service, and it is the essence of socialized medicine. As Frank J. Fleming noted, “It probably hurts the argument that universal health care is the most compassionate option when the NHS keeps executing kids in front of their parents.”

Alfie Evans couldn’t be saved. Not in so monstrous a system. But if Alfie Evans can live on as the most famous child who ever lived as the poster boy for why no self-advertising civilized society would saddle its citizens with government health care, we should count his as a life well lived despite its brevity.


Everybody else is doing it, so I will as well…where is Donald Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize?

That’s a semi-facetious question. It’s worth noting that all the positive developments on the Korean Peninsula Trump can rightly take credit for inspiring and brokering also took place in 2000. And any agreement made with the North Koreans can almost assuredly be expected to fall by the wayside as the Norks violate it.

And furthermore, the current willingness to trade nuclear testing for various economic considerations has much more to do with the collapse of the mountain Kim Jong-un’s regime has been using as its test site, with the potential release of radioactive material over China — the patron regime of North Korea — in an ultimate case of political blowback.

Trump may be the recipient of this good fortune. Nevertheless, he’s presiding over a small-scale repeat of the fall of the Berlin Wall as the Norks seek a separate peace of some kind — which is an uncannily frequent result of American strength and resolution shown on the international stage. One wonders how many of the world’s problems might be remedied if only those responsible for them would consider the American position as immutable.

Just a thought.


Russia is no longer a communist country, but it’s fair to say the Russians haven’t exactly shaken off their 75-year history of being dominated by the wholesale tyranny and economic destruction that was the Soviet Union — and the kleptocratic, fascistic state which replaced the USSR in the Kremlin hasn’t exactly represented a repudiation of those bad old days.

Which makes the recent comparison between Texas, and its 29.3 million citizens, and the 144 million-strong Russian Federation, so stark.

Texas, with barely more than a fifth the population of Russia, nevertheless has a $1.7 trillion gross domestic product — compared with 1.28 in Russia, whose economy is a little like Texas in that both are energy-driven economies (the difference being they make all kinds of manufactured goods in Texas and they’re quite good at things like technology and financial services as well, while the Russians tend to be better at radioactive poisons, cybertheft, and other pursuits less valuable to honest citizens with no connection to the mafia or FSB). That comes to a per capita GDP of over $58,000 in Texas… and one of $8,735 in Russia.

This stuff isn’t complicated. Endure socialism for any length of time and it will destroy your people for generations. You will never compete with the best people on the planet again.

Scott McKay
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