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CNN Calls Former Ambassador John Bolton a 'Talking Head'

When it was announced on Thursday that Ambassador John Bolton would be President Trump’s new National Security Adviser, CNN couldn’t wait to give the news its Trump-hating worst:

Of course, CNN has Fox News Channel envy after decades of staring up at it in the ratings. Combine that with the network’s unbridled hatred of this president and what you get is more third grade playground tantrum than news.

As those of us who actually read know, Bolton is a veteran of three previous Republican administrations and was once the Ambassador to the United Nations. CNN knows that too, but respect for anyone involved with the Trump administration doesn’t fit its current agenda.

After seven paragraphs of working out some Fox News issues that probably should have been shared with a therapist, the article that the tweet links to finally gets around to admitting the truth about Bolton:

Of course, Bolton is not “just” a TV pundit. He is a lawyer with decades of experience in foreign policy circles, known for his hawkish views. He served as a United States Ambassador to the United Nations during the George W. Bush administration.

In the social media era, far more people are likely to just see the tweet than actually click through and read the post. The post’s author, Brian Stelter, knows that. He’s no low-grade news blogger for the network, he is their senior media correspondent and hosts a weekly show that analyzes the media.

That doesn’t mean that Stelter wrote the tweet, but he’s surely aware of it. He is very active on Twitter and more than likely knew that one of the network’s accounts had gone full snark.

Taken alone, this may not seem like something very egregious to some, but CNN’s relentless barrage of nonsense like this is what earns the wrath of the president, and deservedly so.

Every anonymously sourced rumor about President Trump is covered by panels of seething detractors of his for hours in a news cycle. Other than the occasional breaking story, CNN is practically devoid of news these days. It’s a one stop Never Trump shop that abuses the First Amendment multiple times every day.

While they engage in petty sniping like this, they begin rending their garments whenever the president fires back. They lament that President Trump is “attacking journalism” or “undermining democracy.”

Propaganda peddling, however, is not journalism, and that is all that CNN does now. They do far more damage to the fabric of democracy with their agenda-driven histrionics while hiding behind the First Amendment than the president’s mockery of them ever could.

Once a strong centrist presence in cable news, CNN is now just a caterwauling liberal hen house of people who complain about all things Trump.

And they’re still looking up at Fox News.

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