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Casey Anthony’s Choice

So, Casey Anthony has been sentenced to four years in prison minus time served, meaning she could be out as early as late July.

I didn’t follow the case or trial until its latter days — and then only from a distance — so I’m not qualified to comment on the particulars. But as numerous other columnists point out (here’s a good piece in The American Thinker), the abortion hypocrisy in the Anthony case is profound.

Had Anthony murdered her then unborn child in utero, cultural elites would have vaunted her as an “empowered” single woman exercising her right to pursue happiness sans the “burden” of a child. Because she waited almost three years to commit murder — if she indeed did — the media flay her as a monster.

Wasn’t Anthony just exercising her “right to choose”?

A chief reason for the public outrage over Anthony’s acquittal versus a widespread silence on abortion is that pictures of Caylee, and the details of her death, are everywhere. By contrast, the tragedy of abortion is quarantined, by and large, from the American public. Precious few know, or want to know, what goes on inside these clinics. It’s easy to live one’s life without giving second thought to what goes on in abortion mills; not so easy to ignore images of Caylee.

Yet another example of the absurdity of abortion advocates’ commonly held belief that human dignity is conferred, magically, the moment the child leaves the womb — or at some subjective point soon afterward.

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