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Brilliant: Trump May Troll NoKo by Visiting the DMZ

President Trump hasn’t exactly been shy with his public comments about the dictator in North Korea. In what may be his boldest move yet, there are rumors that he’s planning to visit the Demilitarized Zone between North Korea and South Korea during a planned trip to the region.

From The Telegraph via Yahoo! News:

Donald Trump could next month be standing just metres from Kim Jong-un’s gun-toting soldiers during a possible visit to the heavily-fortified Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea.

Officials from Washington have reportedly visited the tense border area between the two countries – who remain technically at war – as they draw up detailed plans for the US president’s upcoming visit to South Korea.

Mr Trump is heading to the South as part of a tour of Asia when he is expected to deliver a strong message to Pyongyang over its build up of nuclear weapons.

As we are all by now painfully aware, there are just two camps when it comes to the president’s less-than-shy approach to issues. One side is forever appalled that he has a tendency to think aloud, especially if he is addressing foreign policy.

The rest of us are often thrilled by his brazenness. It’s refreshing to us to see a Republican president embrace the use of the bully pulpit the way Democrats have for so long.

Trump’s tweets and public statements move narratives in the direction he (and many Americans) want them to go, rather than the way the media would prefer.

After being chided for weeks for wading into the NFL flag protest controversy, he appears to be winning that battle. It’s just an added bonus that the media will now be furious because it’s obvious that they can no longer tell the American public what to think.

The press may be at its most disingenuous when it comes to North Korea, pretending that we didn’t have any problems with them until President Trump assumed office. They act is if the brutal dictatorship that’s been there for more than half a century just appeared out of the clouds, like some communist “Brigadoon.”

The situation in North Korea has been allowed to fester because the three presidents preceding Trump lacked the temerity to confront it head on. In the revisionist minds of the media, that timidity was brilliant diplomacy that kept the dictator du jour there from becoming upset. Of course, these are the same people who think Islamic terrorists only want to attack us if we say mean things about them.

I’m not comparing Trump to Reagan, but the media treated the Gipper the same way. Remember how horrified they were when he implored Gorbachev to “tear down this wall.”

Then remember them all celebrating without a hint of acknowledgement to Reagan all of them celebrating when the wall did come down.

Kim Jong-un was an unhinged dictator long before Donald Trump became president. Imagine how emboldened he would be now if the doddering, medicated grandma has won last year.

If the president does end up going to the DMZ, he will have taken the online trolling he’s so good at to new, live-action heights. Whenever he does troll, the people who get angry tend to be the types many of us would enjoy angering.

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