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Brain-Dead Democrats Blame Crime on … Republicans!
New York Gov. Kathy Hochul in gubernatorial debate against U.S. Rep. Lee Zeldin, Oct. 26, 2022 (Eyewitness News ABC7NY/YouTube)

Democrats are fresh out of ideas on crime.

“Defund, demonize, and demoralize the police!”

How’s that working out?

“End cash bail!”

This flash of brilliance is WD-40 for revolving-door justice.

“Gun control!”

Fists, knives, axes, chairs, and arm shoves onto subway tracks somehow are impervious to firearms laws.

Democrats’ brilliant ideas for fighting crime are in total collapse. Rather than having a post-police world that “looks like a suburb,” as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) promised, America struggles through its nastiest, bloodiest lawlessness boom since the early 1990s. Homicide records are being shattered like old Olympic milestones.

Rather than admit fault, accept responsibility, and learn from their mortal errors, downright-evil Democrats now blame the Grand Old Party for the mayhem that haunts Americans from coast to coast.

“Republicans seem to do a much better job of talking about stopping crime than stopping crime,” Jim Kessler of Third Way told Axios. According to a Third Way crime study, despite “the right-wing obsession over homicides in Democratic cities: murder rates are far higher in Trump-voting red states than Biden-voting blue states.”

The ever-bitter Hillary Clinton ranted last week about Republicans, “They don’t care about keeping you safe, they want to keep you scared.” She claimed that the GOP’s focus on crime is not meant to curb chaos. Rather, the Duchess of Chappaqua prattled on, it’s designed “to gin up all kinds of fear and anxiety in people.”

And to say that the hapless Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-N.Y.) is tone deaf on crime is like calling Beethoven hard of hearing.

Rep. Lee Zeldin, Hochul’s surging GOP gubernatorial opponent, noted halfway through their Oct. 25 debate that she had not mentioned “locking up anyone committing any crimes.”

To universal astonishment, Hochul replied, “I don’t know why that’s so important to you.”

Imprisoning lawbreakers is important to Zeldin and other New Yorkers and Americans because the root cause of crime is criminals.

Who does Crime Wave Kathy think is behind New York City’s 10.9 percent year-on-year increase in rape, 13.9 percent hike in felony assault, 29.1 percent rise in serious crime, and 40.2 percent boost in offenses committed on the mass-transit system?

Despite high-profile beatings, stabbings, rapes, and murders, Hochul says of Zeldin’s anti-crime platform, “He has been hyperventilating, trying to scare people for months.”

And, as Democrats now claim, crime is the GOP’s fault. You know, the tax-cutting, criminal-hugging Republican Party.

“All you need to know is that Democratic states are safer than Republican states,” Hochul insists. “Check out the facts.”

Here are the facts:

The Democrats’ dodgy argument is like saying that all six members of the Shaw family down the street are totally wicked monsters, when, in fact, the mother, father, and three of the kids are fine neighbors. Too bad Dennis, 19, is not just a menace but a deranged, violent sociopath who makes his entire household look horrible.

Along these lines, some Republican states look brutal because large, Democrat-run cities within them teem with pandemonium. Alabama is a generally safe GOP stronghold. Throw in Democrat-run, homicide-drenched Birmingham, America’s bronze-medal winner for murder, and the Yellowhammer State suddenly looks terrifying.

Missouri is a rather Republican place. Factor in St. Louis, America’s fourth-deadliest city, and the Show Me State shows you plenty of death.

Jeff Asher of AH Datalytics used police reports to calculate murder rates — namely, murders per 100,000 residents — between January and June 2022. Asher’s findings are like rocket-propelled grenades lobbed at the Democrats’ new “Republicans hug criminals” excuse factory.

Democrats crime table,

  • Among America’s 31 most-murderous cities with populations greater than 200,000, fully 27 (87 percent) are run by Democratic mayors. Only three (9.7 percent) boast Republican mayors. One city (Las Vegas — 3.2 percent) has an independent mayor.
  • Among these 31 cities, the top 22 are run by Democrats. Jacksonville, Florida, No. 23, is the first city on this list to feature a Republican mayor.
  • The top five most-murderous urban centers are all Democratic strongholds: Otherwise-lovely New Orleans has become America’s murder capital, with 36.8 murders per 100,000 residents in the first half of 2022. Baltimore follows at 29.1. Birmingham (28.0), St. Louis (27.8), and Milwaukee (19.0) round out this dubious top-five list.
  • The average murder rate for these 27 Democrat-run cities is 13.4. According to the FBI, the U.S. murder rate for 2021 was 6.9. Jacksonville, Florida; Colorado Springs; and Virginia Beach are the three GOP-led cities on this roster. While they constitute a small sample, they have an average murder rate of 4.5.
  • Put another way, these 27 Democrat-managed cities are 94.2 percent more murderous than the U.S. overall and 197.8 percent more homicidal than the three GOP cities. In turn, Republican-led cities are 53.3 percent less murderous than America as a whole.

These and other data confirm that the Democratic Party is the party of murder.

Why are Democrat-led cities so much more homicidal than those managed by the GOP?

Once again, Democratic policies fuel this carnage. Democrats like Hillary and Hochul believe that if society is nice to thugs, then thugs will be nice to society. Springing hooligans without bail supposedly makes them introspective and tame. Instead, they become ferocious and often lethal. (READ MORE from Deroy Murdock: Fetterman’s Fracking Flip-Flop Frightens Voters)

George Soros–funded “prosecutors” like Los Angeles’ George Gascón and Manhattan’s Alvin Bragg chant “social justice” and “racial equity” as they liberate crooks and killers. They, in turn, brutalize and too often murder their victims, who tend to be black and Hispanic more often than not.

The lesson here is this: If you believe black lives matter — as do all lives — then stop listening to Hillary Clinton and Kathy Hochul and vote for Lee Zeldin and other Republicans up and down the ballot.

Deroy Murdock is a Fox News contributor.

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