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Boot Camp for Player Activists

In an era when NFL players no longer have the time or gumption to do two-a-day practices or full pad tackling drills, amazingly they are able to still squeeze in a social advocacy and activism boot camp into their busy lives. This news coming from ESPN’s Jim Trotter who informs us that the NFL is funding this nonsense at Morehouse College in Atlanta this February.

The boot camp is being set up to give players year-round access to so-called experts in the field of social activism and advocacy. One would imagine the boot camp won’t include lectures on Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom and Friedman’s Free to Choose, or readings from the New Testament, or anything else that would be useful to the aggrieved lot known as NFL players.

Without even looking at the syllabus, you can safely bet the boot camp will be heavy on Saul Alinsky, and will teach better, bolder ways to send social media posts of slashing cops throats, wearing socks comparing the police to pigs, getting down on all fours and pretending you are a dog peeing on Donald Trump, and generally slandering the flag, anthem, veterans and anyone who may disagree with you. That list is not hyperbole but actual actions that have passed as social activism in the NFL over the last two seasons.

Don’t worry, Roger Goodell, the man who is fumbling away any credibility the NFL has left, has the NFL’s PR comeback all mapped out. Failing this, his wife will continue to send out tweets under an assumed name applauding the Goodell for his bold decision making, as the Wall Street Journal revealed she had being doing until recently busted.

But sorry, social activism isn’t just for NFL dingbats. The NCAA, which is always quick to play moralist on behalf of the left and is quick to ban or threaten to ban NCAA events being held in Red States it disagrees with politically, finally found a cause it is going to pass on. And when you hear why, it won’t take a rocket scientist to put two and two together to figure out the reason.

For the last several years the NCAA has been investigating the University of North Carolina after it became public knowledge that its athletes were getting great grades for basically doing little and/or shoddy work in what might as well have been basket-weaving classes. It is now no longer a question if the classes were phony, but an accepted fact, and this scandal went on almost a decade.

The NCAA has taken a lenient hands-off stance on punishing the Tar Heels Athletic Department. Its dubious rationale being these classes were also open non-athletes who could have also benefited from the fraud. One imagines the uber-liberal NCAA would have come down harder on the UNC had it been requiring its athletes to study Western Civ.

Perhaps it is time for Red States’ governors to go Trump on the NCAA and lobby to end the NCAA tax exempt status for being a nonprofit (a nonprofit with an $11 billion TV contract) the next time the NCAA threatens to pull events from a Red State ostensibly because the NCAA doesn’t like that state’s politics.

Finally, it wouldn’t be right of me to gloss over the predicament social activist John Henry, owner of the Red Sox, has gotten himself in. Henry is one of those one-percenter liberal billionaires who believe the masses are nothing more than a bunch of unenlightened racists if they don’t agree with him and his pals on his particular PC vision on race in America.

Henry has raised eyebrows by demanding the City of Boston rename a street because it offends him, and for his general leftwing preaching and moralizing on the subject of race. Last week the Red Sox fired its manager John Farrell, prompting several leftists to demand he hire a manager of color, which would be a first in Red Sox history. If he doesn’t, of course, he will be blasted for hypocrisy, and if he does it would make one wonder if white candidates had any chance, or if Henry is guilty of racial discrimination?

The mind of the social activist athlete is immature and delusional. Case in point is NFL player Rishard Matthews who has threatened to quit if the league won’t allow him to take a knee during the anthem. Mr. Matthews is under the impression we care whether he plays in the NFL. We don’t. At least not yet.

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