Zachary Lemonides

Zachary Lemonides is a Young Writer intern from The University of Chicago.

Pinkwashing Censorship: How the Chicago Dyke March Won its War on the Media


Gretchen R. Hammond, a transgender reporter, was personally threatened, subject to sexist and anti-Semitic abuse and Neo-Nazi slurs as retribution against an article she wrote, losing her job as a result – and the National Review is the only major American publication reporting on it. How did this happen? Hammond was the first reporter to […]

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60 Miles From Auschwitz, UNESCO Denies Jewish Connection to Jerusalem and Abraham


It would seem that there is no limit to the hatred that the UN is willing to direct towards Israel and towards the Jewish people. While the mission of the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) is apolitical at face value, it has in practice been used as a tool for the […]

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Radical ‘Anti-Fascists’ Are Pretty Darn Fascist


Antifa, short for ‘Anti-Fascist,’ is a term used by and for far-left protesters across the globe. If you’ve heard of the Berkeley riots against Milo Yiannopoulos, or the threats made against Ann Coulter, you are familiar with at least some of their work. They support using violence and intimidation against politicians and civilian populations perceived […]

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Bernie Bro Shoots GOP Congressman Scalise Playing Baseball


At least four people were injured in a shooting in Alexandria, VA at the GOP practice for the upcoming Congressional Baseball Game, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, a congressional aid, and two police officers. The shooting lasted approximately ten minutes before the assailant, named as James T. Hodgkinson by the Washington Post, was incapacitated […]

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Puerto Rico Votes for Statehood (Sort of)


On June 11th, the Puerto Rican people voted in a non-binding referendum, about whether to remain a US territory, to become independent, or to request statehood. 97% of voters indicated their preference for statehood. This is not the first time that Puerto Rico voted for statehood, having voted in favor in 2012 in a referendum widely […]

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Haley Sets the Record Straight on Human Rights Council Anti-Israel Bias


Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the UN, struck a confrontational tone in her first official meeting with the UN Human Rights Council.  In her speech she pointedly drew attention to hypocrisy and inactivity of the international body, calling on it to pass resolutions addressing the grave human rights concerns in Syria, the Democratic Republic […]

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College Student: Give Conservatives Freedom and Safety


The university should be a place for students to feel welcome, respected, and valued – unless they happen to be conservative. At least, that seems to be the standard which liberal students and universities across the country are increasingly holding to. High profile attempts to shut down conservative speakers such as Ann Coulter and Milo […]

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