Ross Kaminsky

After years as a self-employed trader and investor, Ross is now the host of “The Ross Kaminsky Show” on Denver’s TalkRadio 630 KHOW, weekday mornings from 6 AM to 10 AM. He’s a senior fellow of the Heartland Institute and an Objectivist/libertarian so you can’t offend him by saying he’s not sufficiently conservative. You can reach Ross by e-mail at rossputin(at)rossputin(dot)com.


Now That’s Keeping Your Eye on the Ball


Having been a little rough on President-elect Trump yesterday for tweeting about flag burning and stepping on his own positive message and laudable presidential transition progress, I’m glad to report that Mr. Trump’s next 24 hours of Twitter activity showed him keeping his eye on the ball. On Tuesday night, roughly simultaneously with the New […]

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Mr. President-Elect, Please Keep Your Eye on the Ball


The most common response I get from Trump supporters in my radio audience when I react negatively to his words is “You’re taking him too literally.” My first question this morning, like much of the rest of that part of the American public who don’t live neck deep in “fake news,” was: What part of […]

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Want to feel optimistic about America? Listen to my interview with Steve Moore.


Ross talks to Donald Trump’s senior economic advisor, Steve Moore It’s a conversation that will leave you incredibly optimistic about our economy…and more than that, about our nation perhaps returning to the sort of flourishing that today’s young adults have really never experienced.

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Goodbye, Gwen


Gwen Ifill, co-host of PBS NewsHour and exceptionally accomplished journalist, passed away today at the age of 61. I only met Gwen Ifill once, when she and her team invited me to participate in a nationally televised PBS special on “America After Ferguson.” I was the sole right-of-center person on the “panel” which I found […]

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Post-Election Ponderings and Presidential Pardons


I would be remiss not to begin my first post-election column with a mea culpa and a congratulations: In my skepticism that Donald Trump could win a presidential election, I overestimated the negative impact of his own behavior and his lack of apparent qualifications for the job, and underestimated the extent to which the election […]

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Trumping the Woman’s Card


With polls tightening in the campaign’s last days, Democrats are getting desperate. Knowing that they cannot make a single plausible positive argument for Hillary “there is no classified e-mail” Clinton, their message remains relentlessly negative. The problem is that smears against Donald Trump’s character aren’t sticking (especially as Mr. Trump campaigns substantially on the issues) […]

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Not Just One Civil War


On Sunday’s Meet the Press, NY Times columnist Tom “I can’t believe people still take me seriously” Friedman suggested that “maybe the (Republican Party) just needs to crash and burn. This version of the Republican Party needs to die so out of the ashes, just as a new Democratic Party came out of the post-McGovern, […]

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Getting It Right on Ryan


Conservative columnist Deroy Murdock, whose writing I typically admire and agree with, criticizes Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in very harsh terms for Ryan’s distancing himself and — if they choose to use the opportunity — other House members from the sinking ship of the Trump campaign. The way Deroy sees it, Mr. Trump […]

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Political Roadkill


Hillary Clinton has long been disqualified from holding political office. From her lies to the families of the Benghazi dead to her obvious crimes regarding the handling of classified information and her attacks on the victims of Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults, Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt presidential candidate of my lifetime. In the meantime, […]

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Another Worst Week Ever


The past week has seen such a sustained assault on Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions by almost the entire “mainstream media” and by Donald Trump himself that the most remarkable takeaway is how utterly unpalatable Hillary Clinton must be to the majority of Americans for Mr. Trump still to be within spitting distance for an election […]

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