Roger Pol

Roger Pol is a lifelong entrepreneur who over a 30-year career has developed numerous real estate projects in Virginia, Washington D.C., North Carolina, and Tennessee. He is the founder of the World Distance Learning Institute, an international post-secondary education access point, and the founder and CEO of the Ownership Recovery Company of America. He also created and teaches an entrepreneurial course in how to write a business plan and how to successfully operate a start-up business.

A True Energy Policy


On March 31, speaking at Georgetown University, President Obama said, “Now, in terms of new sources of energy, we have a few different options. The first is natural gas. Recent innovations have given us the opportunity to tap large reserves — perhaps a century’s worth of reserves, a hundred years worth of reserves — in […]

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Killing Manufacturing


One of the greatest threats facing our country today doesn’t come from outside our borders. It’s not the possibility of a terrorist attack. It is not the continually increasing illegal immigration across our southern border. It’s not even the likelihood of a disrupted oil supply. The greatest problem we face is the self-imposed cost and […]

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