Roger Kaplan

Roger Kaplan, a Washington-based writer, covers the Middle East and Africa (and tennis) for The American Spectator.

Conrad Black Donald Trump

Speaking Well of the President


A fine article by Conrad Black suggests the anti-Trump factions lost rounds last week. While the Mueller investigation has yet to produce any evidence of illicit campaign “collusion” with the treacherous Russians, one of the leaders of the disputationists, former FBI director James Comey, appears to be caught in a credibility gap of his own making, and […]

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Winning in Miami


John Isner went deep and gritty to take the Miami Open title yesterday, defeating Alexander Zverev in three close sets after losing his lead in the first-set tiebreak. With Sloan Stephens hoisting the trophy on the women’s side after a no-nonsense two-set win over Jelena Ostapenko, American players put their signatures on what has been […]

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A Note on Guns and Violence


Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to gun regulations. We have gun regulations. We always have had gun regulations, gun control if you want to use the despised term. When Wyatt Earp told Ike Clanton to leave his guns at the town line and, while he was as it, to drive his dern […]

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Faith on Offense


The best defense is a good offense; this widely acknowledged sports axiom applies to most other spheres of human activity. There is always the exception, but just think a little and you will acknowledge the old tried and true holds. Take the trivial — and yet alarming, in terms of our national capacity to discuss […]

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Jihad in France (cont.)


Almost simultaneous to Islamist terror attacks in the Audes (a county in France’s southwest), a pair of jihad-intoxicated men killed an elderly woman in Paris. Her funeral today is marked by a silent demonstration of Parisians led by the mayor, Anne Hidalgo. Outpourings in response to terror attacks have become almost regular events in the […]

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Desert Racquets


You can’t ask for much better than Del Potro vs. Federer, two of contemporary tennis’s best known faces, in the men’s final, and Osaka vs Kasatkina in the ladies’. The desert tennis paradise of Indian Wells owned by Oracle’s Larry Ellison hosts one of the mighty Masters 1000 tournaments, 128-name draw, two weeks, and the […]

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Once a Nazi


Something I never was able to get about translations is the way they try to reproduce the original word for word. In francophone Africa, for example, governments until a few years ago, say the late 1990s, regularly referred to themselves as “le pouvoir,” and the media, muzzled or not, and the opposition parties, whether or […]

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Rubio Stands Firm, Falls Down


To be a leader is to be an educator, Aristotle taught, appropriately. Lead in thought, lead in government, teach. Which somewhere in there involves clarity of expression. But what is it about American politicians that they can’t make a strong case for their own positions when called upon? We are always, not only the toadies […]

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Sports for Glory


Federer returns a serve to the body with a backhand to Dimitrov’s feet on the baseline, which the young Bulgar, on his turn to hit, puts into the net. Second break of the set, Swiss champ is up 5-2 and closes it out with his own service, which includes two aces. One set to go […]

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Red Black White Yellow


What in the world is the matter with people in Boston? The idea of honoring the legendary Red Auerbach during, one presumes, a brain storming session at the BPD public affairs command, was excellent. The cop who came up with this deserves a medal, well, at least a “well done” letter from the Chief. Kevin […]

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