Larry Thornberry

Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.

Fire Robert Mueller President Trump

Now’s the Time — Fire Mueller 


If the Donald ever had any inclination to fire Robert Mueller, now is the time. The totally unnecessary and Gestapo-like raid on Trump’s private attorney’s office has put Mueller on a tee. This kind of stuff happens all too often in banana republics. But we can’t stand by and allow it to happen in America. […]

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Hill Street Creator Dies


Steven Bochco, creator of Hill Street Blues, NYPD Blue, L.A. Law, and Doogie Howser, MD, died Sunday from leukemia at his home in Los Angeles. He was 74. Bochco won a slew of well-deserved Emmys for his ground-breaking shows, my favorite of which is Hills Street Blues. The series ran for 147 episodes between 1981 […]

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Government by Tantrum


Watching large scrums of young people (and some old enough to know better) demonstrating across the country this weekend in the name of stopping gun violence, I couldn’t help but think of the incisive quote by the journalist, psychiatrist, and all-around wise fellow, Theodore Dalrymple, to wit: “There’s nothing like passionate ignorance to keep one […]

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Build Your Own Damn Ball-Yard! 


The Florida branch of Americans for Prosperity has gotten into the controversy over the new ball yard that the Tampa Bay Rays want built for them in Tampa so that they can desert St. Petersburg, Tropicana Field, and the remainder of the ball-yard lease team officials signed (without a gun to their heads) when they […]

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A Stop and Frisk Policy Democrats Like — The Donald Is Right Again


President Trump is right that Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation is a political witch hunt that never should have been authorized in the first place. (And alert observers will have noticed that those who search for witches tend to find them, whether said witches exist or not.) Not only is there not enough evidence to convict […]

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Arthritic Academic Advice


Mark Twain is supposed to have said of the prospect of being tarred and feathered that, “Except for the honor, I’d as soon skip it.” (Though with Twain you can never be sure. It may be in his case, as Yogi Berra put it, “I didn’t say everything I said.”) Except for the honor of […]

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PC on Music Row


It’s worse than we thought. Later than we thought. The totalitarian PC enforcers have even established a beachhead in country music. COUNTRY MUSIC!! Darkness and devils! Hives and hemorrhoids! Is anything or anywhere safe? Country has always been the music home of more traditional, down-home, red-white-and-blue Americanos. Other music genres may have gone over to […]

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A Chip Off the Old Blockhead


When there’s a long sentence with the word “but” in the middle, start reading after the “but,” because what follows it negates what precedes it and carries the real meaning of the sentence. CBS Sports caught Hall of Fame third baseman Chipper Jones in such a whiplash sentence: “I believe in our Constitutional right to bear arms […]

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Two Classy Intellectual Sports Reunite


Why spend money and reading time on two older gents kvetching in Where Were We? That’s easy. Because you’re unlikely to find more amusing kvetching anywhere in print than in this compendium of email correspondence between two men of letters, one in America, the other in England. It’s a follow-on of the equally entertaining, Distant Intimacy, published by Yale University Press in 2013 and still available.

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A Title for the Times?


Southern humorist Lewis Grizzard, who was taken from us too early at 47 because of a bad heart, blessed us with many observations that were not only funny but acute. I’ve often shared his insight, and do believe that, “Neckties are men’s payback for the fact that we don’t have to get pregnant.” Well received […]

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