Larry Thornberry

Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.

Christian Savior as Political Prop


If there’s ever a most-liberal-Church-in-Boston contest, you might want to put a fiver on St. Susanna Parish, where it appears that not only is the personal political, but so is the religious. St. Susanna, located in the affluent Boston suburb of Dedham, tucked neatly against Bean Town’s southwest border, made news last Christmas when its […]

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Marian the Librarian Would Be Appalled


Our Bill Croke’s melancholy observations on the contemporary public library are spot on.The plague he describes and laments is a national one, not restricted to the flesh pots of Idaho where Bill lives. My local in Tampa, at which I’m a frequent flyer, now serves more as a recreation center, after school hangout, baby-sitting service, and […]

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Thank God for Australia


It’s appropriate that I started writing this on Thanksgiving morning. We all have every reason to be thankful for the courageous Americans who stood up and did their duty during WWII, including the flyers military historian Bruce Gamble brings us in the very readable Kangaroo Squadron.

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What Do You Mean ‘We,’ Trail Mix Breath?


And here you thought the Sierra Club was all about clean air, clean water, and saving the snail darter. Silly you. Emails sent out by this well-heeled “environmental” group since the recent midterms will disabuse you of this naïve idea. There has been considerable mission creep amongst the organic tote-bag crowd. I’ll share from just […]

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Brenda Packs It In


Who says there’s no good news? Word has likely reached alert readers by now that the infamous Brenda Snipes, whose Broward County elections office under her non-direction couldn’t count the house in a phone booth, has resigned. Jumped before being pushed. So incoming Florida Governor Ron DeSantis can now put something else at the top of […]

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Florida: The Inevitable


The obvious and inevitable have finally become so obvious and inevitable that even Democrats, their battalion of lawyers on speed dial, and their cheering sections in the mainstream media have had to bend to it. After an interminable campaign and a frustrating 13 days of vote counting, which featured law suits, wild accusations, and trash […]

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Florida: A Trade That Helps Both Sides


Tampa My Sources in the Ron DeSantis transition team — he being Florida’s governor-elect when his election is certified Tuesday — tell me our Ron will hit the ground running when he assumes that office in January. He’s working on a major trade, I’m reliably informed, which will, in the sports cliché, help both sides. […]

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Florida Almost Certainly Has a Republican Governor-Elect


After the results of required machine recount are in, it is almost a dead-bang certainty that Republican Ron DeSantis will be certified as the winner of Florida’s governor’s race next Tuesday. In the recount, which cost the state a packet, led to numerous lawsuits, and to a bunch of heated accusations by representatives of both […]

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But Who’s Counting? (And For How Long?) 


Tampa A frequent complaint from reasonable Americanos is that political races and the annoying campaigns that accompany them last waaaay too long. Sometimes it seems they’re a permanent feature of our public landscape. Now it has become reasonable to object that election vote counting is too lengthy and tortuous as well. Take what’s happening in Florida. […]

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On the Inhuman Condition


Cult City: Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, and 10 Days That Shook San Francisco
By Daniel J. Flynn
(ISI Books, 258 pages, $27.95)

Dan Flynn’s Cult City is not a happy read, but an instructive one.

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