Johnny Kampis

Johnny Kampis is investigative reporter for the Taxpayers Protection Alliance Foundation. Previously he was a content editor and staff writer at, and before that worked in the newspaper industry and as a freelance writer. He has been published in the New York Times,, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

He has won about a dozen awards for his reporting, and his investigation into voter fraud in west Alabama helped contribute to the overturning of a mayoral election. Kampis has won awards for Freedom of Information and In-Depth News Reporting. He previously worked for the Tuscaloosa News and the Decatur Daily.

An avid poker player, Kampis is writing a book documenting the poker scene at the 2016 World Series of Poker, a decade after the peak of the poker boom. You can follow him on Twitter @TuscaloosaJohn or reach him via email at

Avoid Trouble When You’ve Got It Good


The end stages of both single and multi-table poker tournaments are a matter of walking the tightrope. The blinds are so high relative to the size of most players’ stacks that one wrong move can cause a player to bust out. Caution is king. Since we know that most players are going to be careful […]

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Here’s How to Mitigate Your Casino Risk


Given the bright lights and jingle-jangle of the slots, it can be easy to go financially haywire when in a casino, and, let’s face it, those palaces weren’t built on the backs of winning players. Still, it’s easy to mitigate risk and increase your chances of walking out of a casino a winner by sticking […]

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NFL Vegas Parking Remains a Gamble


The Oakland (and soon to be Las Vegas) Raiders say they’re closer to ending their game of parking lot roulette by identifying enough spots to satisfy a requirement that is a condition of building the $1.9 billion Las Vegas Stadium on a lot near the city’s famed Strip. Critics say the continued headache of parking […]

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Leverage Your Poker Stack


One advantage of placing a big bet into the pot in a game of No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha on the flop or turn is the threat of bets on future streets that may be even larger than the initial wagers. Players who call bets on the flop or turn know they may […]

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Are They Loose or Are They Tight?


We’ve all been there if we’ve played enough hands of poker in casino card rooms: the table full of “rocks” who only play the best hands or the wild and crazy table full of drunk tourists ready to gamble it up during a long night of imbibing. How do you handle these situations? You’ll certainly […]

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Strike Back Against the Long Odds of Vegas


People-watching at McCarron International Airport in Las Vegas can be a fascinating exercise. Those who just touched down on the tarmac have a certain bright-eyed optimism before they depart into Sin City, while most of those heading to the departing flights look like they just got their asses kicked. This is a town, after all, […]

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Harvard’s Inaccurate Picture of Municipal Broadband Pricing


A recent study from a Harvard University group claims that government-owned broadband networks offer lower prices than the networks of private providers, but the argument quickly falls apart when you drill down into the data. The report from the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard claims that in 23 of 27 communities in which private providers’ […]

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Bet Big and Get Paid Big


The occasional situation arises in No-Limit Texas Hold’em where you have a monster hand, but are placed in a situation where you can make a big bet that’s likely to be called. This is especially true in the lower level $1-$2 NLHE games that I, and most of you reading, probably play. We like to […]

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The Poker Peter Principle


A decade ago I had delusions of grandeur. No, I didn’t yearn to be President of the United States, a movie star, or an all-star centerfielder. I dreamed of becoming one of the best poker players in the world, winning the Main Event of the World Series of Poker and then playing and succeeding in […]

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Pennsylvania’s Entry Into Online Gaming May Kill Federal Ban Effort


The impending implementation of Pennsylvania online gaming could prove the tipping point that kills the Restore America’s Wire Act (RAWA), say some experts. In November, Gov. Tom Wolf signed into law a comprehensive gaming bill that allows not only online wagering in poker, casino and lottery games, but also wagers at airports, truck stops, and […]

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