John C. Wohlstetter

John C. Wohlstetter is a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute and London Center for Policy Research, author of Sleepwalking With the Bomb, and founder of the issues blog Letter From the Capitol.


Popular Vote Realities 2016: Trump Ascendant


“Hillary won the popular vote!” has become the mantra for those feeling major post-election blues. This makes Trump’s election, they hold, illegitimate. There are myriad problems with this assessment. First, it is constitutionally illiterate. Second, it is true only in the narrowest measure for popular support: raw numbers nationwide. Third, had millions of GOP votes […]

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After Trump’s Triumphathon


November 9, 2016 — Trump’s win was confirmed early morning on the 9th — marked exactly 27 years since the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall. In a sense, in 27 years we’ve traveled from Berlin to Brexit, from multitudes freed from Communist tyranny to voters seeking release from rule by remote dictatorial elites. Though […]

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Huma’s Legal Liability


A few quick points: 1.  All FBI/DOJ can do in one week with 650,000 emails — a number consistent with a full backup of all emails on Huma’s devices since Hillary’s homebrew server was set up Jan. 13, 2009 (the day of Hillary’s SecState confirmation hearing) — is identify those with classified headers — surely […]

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Hillary or Donald: Whom Would Putin Prefer?


Much has been made of Russian hacks into political party databases and their presumed indication that the Kremlin would prefer to deal with President Trump than with President Hillary. This is quite counter-intuitive, which makes all the more puzzling the near universal belief inside the Beltway that this is so. There are strong reasons to […]

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My Answer to Hillary


To the Sinatra version of “Call Me Irresponsible”: Call us half-deplorable Say we’re unaffordable Sexist, homophobic too Do your email alibis serve you? Does your cavalcade of lies Ever unnerve you? Are you unindictable Your crimes never rightable Hearings, we’re inclined to pursue We’ll see who’s deplorable Voters find ignorable But it’s undeniably true We’re […]

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Will Millennials, D.C. Decide the Election?


The youth vote became a reality a generation ago due to the slogan — apt for Veterans’ Day (thanks, vets, for your gallant service) — due to a bumper-sticker slogan: “Old enough to fight, old enough to vote.” The most powerful argument swaying many voters was that those ages 18-20 could be drafted and sent […]

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Connecting Dots II: Comey’s Further Disconnect


FBI Director James Comey ignored myriad foundation legal maxims in recommending that Hillary not be indicted over her email scandal — for conducting all her official electronic business during her State tenure on her homebrew server. In a display of her brazen contempt for rules on handling classified data, Hillary had her folks set up […]

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Connecting Dots — FBI Director Declines to Do So


What does one do when a hitherto highly respected FBI director declines to connect obvious dots? Ace prosecutor Andy McCarthy, in the linked article, explains how the FBI chief Comey used “intent” as a requirement for statues that do not require deliberate commission of crimes — Hillary Clinton’s “extremely careless” conduct Comey cited thus suffices: […]

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Lies, Liars, and the Arts of Lying


Just when you think Campaign 2016 has reached its nadir.… Voters face from the frontrunners a contest that will likely turn in large measure on which candidate’s lies should be thought more reprehensible, and hence be more fully penalized at the ballot box. Do we condemn Trump’s clumsy schoolboy lies about how he feels about […]

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Bonfire Of The Inanities: Pyromaniac Pols, Polities


A political year, like our nation itself, seriously out of kilter. The dictionary definition of “inane” stresses the adjectives “silly” and “stupid.” A better pair of descriptors could not be found for what the 2016 campaign has given us. Voter Tunnel Vision Voters have a long history in the open primary era of supporting candidates […]

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