Jesse Russell

Jesse Russell, a native of Livingston, Montana, has written for a variety of scholarly and popular journals including Crisis, Front Porch Republic, and Touchstone. He currently teaches at the university level in the American South.

In Search of Christopher Nolan


One of the cardinal errors of conservative political discourse is the recruitment of pop culture icons as what Marxists like to call “culture capital” for the conservative cause.  It is not uncommon to see attempts by conservatives to make a photogenic, well-toned modestly smiling member of the glitterati into one of “our guys” (or gals) whenever […]

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Michael Novak’s ‘Rise of the Unmeltable Ethnics’ in the Trump Era


On March 17, 2016, National Review published an open letter titled “An Appeal to Our Fellow Catholics,”urging Catholics to take a stand against the immensely popular Republican candidate whose upcoming nomination, the letter affirmed, risked destroying the conservative, prolife, and civil center of the Republican Party. Princeton law professor Robert P. George and Catholic journalist […]

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