Jay D. Homnick

Jay D. Homnick is a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research and a long-time contributor to The American Spectator. His new book, Bullet in From Sinai: The Moral Case for Gun Rights, is endorsed by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., Grover Norquist, and NRA president David Keene.


Scholar Shipwrecked: An Unexpected Clinton Sycophant


As a teenager, more than four decades ago, I finally scraped a few dollars together to buy my first volume of contemporary commentary on Talmud. The tome I proudly purchased was authored by a student at Yeshiva University, Menachem Genack, only five or six years my senior. In the introduction, he described his mentor, Rabbi […]

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Yankee Hillary and the Cubs


One of Hillary’s Greatest Hits was her sudden announcement when running for Senate in New York in 1992 that she was a lifelong Yankees fan. This contradicted mountains of testimony from friends that she was a long-suffering Cubs fan, like her loyal supporter George Will. In later years she tried to square the circle by […]

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Oedipus Wrecks


Well, we have been waiting for the other “Shoo!” to drop and now we are hearing it all around us from high-minded Republicans of all stripes… well, of pinstripes in any case. Suddenly they are dismayed and disappointed and discouraged and dismissive and disparaging and disapproving and disrespecting and disdaining and disgusted and, most importantly, […]

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WHO By Smoking?


Yes, my friends, WHO is on first. Which might not be so bad if WHO was not trying to steal second, third and home, and disqualify all the other teams in the process. In pursuing this story, I tried to keep to the journalistic credo of “Who, what, when, how and why?” but I kept […]

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Holt in the Name of the Law


Dear Lester Holt, Thank you for moderating the debate Monday night between Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Abedin and myself this Monday night. Your exquisite journalistic equipoise rendered the evening spectacular in its moderation. If I may, I would like to append a supplemental point to one of my responses, which was sadly foreshortened by the […]

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The Scam of the Earth


Bill Clinton discovered PHILANTHROPY as a post-presidential preoccupation on the same dictionary page as PHILANDERING. It seemed a fitting segue from a career corrupting the political; now he could corrupt the charitable. Sixteen years hence Bill’s wife is running for President, albeit with an ambling shambling gait. In that pursuit, she is enjoined to engage […]

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The Good Collar: Hillary and the Chaplain


She can beat any chap, can our Hillary! Indeed President Obama believes she is more qualified for the Presidency than even such an alpha male as his own self. More qualified than George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and even Teddy Roosevelt, she speaks shrilly and carries a big lipstick. No chap can stand up to her, […]

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Conventional Wisdom: ‘Go Pound Sanders!’


“Twerkers of the world, unite!” This classic slogan was ready to back up the candidacy of Comrade Bernie Sanders for the Presidency until it was derailed by debit, debility, and debasement… Debbie for short. While poor Bernie was working hard rallying the faithful in state after state, the game was rigged so that all Hillary […]

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Standing Tall on the Platform


The Talmud (Yoma 22b-23a) poses a challenge to the man of virtue, fighting for noble causes, who is belittled by obstructionist forces. On the one hand, if he does not avenge the honor of his mission “like a snake,” he will be trodden underfoot, unworthy of serious consideration as a visionary. On the other hand, […]

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The Queen’s Gambit


Crooked Hillary née Hillary née Secretary Clinton née Hillary Rodham Clinton née Senator Clinton née First Lady Clinton née Hillary Clinton née Hillary Rodham née Hillary Diane Rodham will not be named on an indictment, nor listed as wanted under her many aliases. Indeed a more unwanted person can scarcely be imagined. The decision not […]

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