James Black

James Black is a Canadian finance executive specializing in private equity and the entertainment industry. He is also a conservative commentator and blogger.

Prosecutorial Fanatics


President Trump would be right to pardon Martha Stewart and Rod Blagojevich. They were both railroaded by overzealous prosecutors, James Comey and Patrick Fitzgerald, who along with Robert Mueller personify the prosecutorial fanaticism that cares more about high profile convictions than serving justice. The preeminent American jurist, Robert H. Jackson, once said, “While the prosecutor […]

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The Collusionists Are Dead


The latest raft of Special Counsel indictments foreshadows the last asphyxiated gasp of the collusion hoax. Before Robert Mueller’s cabal of Clinton allied prosecutorial hatchet men began channeling their inner Lavrentiy Beria (“show me the [president] and I’ll show you the [high crimes and misdemeanors]”), the FBI had been investigating Trump, unwittingly at the behest […]

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