Ben Stein

Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.


Secession Is for Morons


I love California. I have lived here since the summer of 1976 and while I travel like a madman, Sunny Cal has always been my base for the last forty years. What’s not to like? It almost never rains. The weather is balmy year-round here in L.A. The people are ambitious and lively and know […]

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Up From Condescension


Human beings do not like to be pushed around. They don’t like to be sneered at. They don’t like to be treated as “less than.” They like to be treated as equals, and they don’t like to be treated as stupid and pointlessly reactionary. They don’t like to be treated as jungle animals, and they […]

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Now for a Few Thoughts on the Election


Thursday Tonight I got an email from a super successful, extremely pleasant Southerner. He’s a Democrat and was a major Hillary backer. He asked me for some words of comfort about the stunning upset of his candidate, Mrs. Clinton. Here is what I told him, word for word: During the American Revolution, in about 1777, […]

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A Lot of Ruin in a Nation


In about 1777, a young British nobleman named Mr. Sinclair came to Adam Smith with the news of General Burgoyne’s surrender to the patriots of Saratoga or a fort near there. “This will be the ruin of the nation,” said Mr. Sinclair. “Young man,” said the Dean, Adam Smith, “there is a great deal of […]

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Thinking About Hillary at the Watergate


Sunday I am in my cheerful co-op at the Watergate. It’s very late. I spent the last three days at the University of Mississippi — Ole Miss — and its home base, Oxford. Herewith, a few observations: The men and women of Oxford are the friendliest, most polite, helpful people on earth. If your child […]

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Corporations Are People, Sen. Warren


Now, as a spotty rain falls in Beverly Hills, for a few words on the economy. There are several big issues, and it’s impossible to assign a ranking to them. But all of them have the same crisis in common: lack of education. Just for laughs, we’ll start at the top. In a few days […]

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Why Donald Trump Should Sue Hillary Clinton


Sunday If you look up the fake-sounding but real name “Jessica Drake” on even a mild porn site, you get your choice of “Jessica Drake–Anal,” “Jessica Drake–Threesomes,” “Jessica Drake–Lesbian,” and some that I cannot repeat in this wholesome magazine. But a quick look tells you that this extremely long-in-the-tooth “porn star” has done just about […]

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Who’s the Real Nut Here?


Saturday I awakened to read two super depressing articles in my beloved Wall Street Journal. The first was about a clique within Facebook trying to censor Donald Trump because he supposedly was racist and “Islamophobic.” Terrifying that what is basically a common carrier can discriminate against Republicans. This is in no way at all different […]

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Goodbye, America


Tuesday Lunch with my pal, T., a man my age from South Carolina. He was with his son, a young man of 29, whose occupation is extremely unclear. I picked them up at the Beverly Hills Hotel after my 12 Step meeting. The son was obviously in some kind of funk and said barely a […]

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Sushi Talk About Donald and Women


Monday An interesting evening. Big Wifey wanted me to go out to get her sashimi, and she also wanted to take a long nap. So, I went off to one of my favorite places, Sushiya, on Sunset Plaza and met an incredibly, unbelievably beautiful young friend in the real estate business. When I say this […]

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