Austin Bay

Austin Bay is an author of fiction and nonfiction and a nationally syndicated columnist.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall


November 9 marked the 25th anniversary of the day the Berlin Wall cracked and Communist East Germany and its Kremlin overseers silently acknowledged Cold War defeat. As East and West Berliners began tearing the Wall to pieces, they began the dicey process of post-World War II German reunification. Twenty-first century Germans believe that process is complete. […]

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Will the Next Press Be Capitalist?


Will the next press be capitalist? Whether drained by arrogant habits or strained by admirable commitment, “old” media organizations as currently configured and staffed devour cash—and increasingly fail to replace it. Leviathans like the New York Times Company and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. confront an immediate financial crunch, and the economic prospects of their small-market […]

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