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To Biden’s Handlers: Shut Him Up, and Shut Him Down

A memo to the people who handle Joe Biden: You guys don’t listen to good advice often, but you need to listen to this.

Shut him up, and shut him down. He doesn’t need to be put out there in public anymore. It’s been a year, and we all know it won’t get any better, and it’s no good now.

This isn’t for Biden’s benefit, though the man is clearly in no condition to be in front of cameras and microphones taking questions even from friendly media.

It’s for ours. You know, the American people? Remember us?

Things Joe Biden says have so far not been the major problem. It’s really been the things he’s done. Which we all know are things you guys have done, as Joe Biden barely knows where he is at any given point in time. Biden is certainly dumb enough to have crafted your administration’s energy policy, but we all know that debacle has been the product of purpose — your insane, Russian-and-Chinese-funded green dreams in action — rather than incompetence. Your inflationary economic policy, assault on free speech, calamitous failure to maintain the Mexican border, and other things don’t come from Joe Biden being a moron. They’re your attempts at changing America into a one-party socialist state with a government-dependent population.

We get it. We’ll sort that out at this fall’s election, and then the one in the fall of 2024. You won’t like the results. But that’s neither here nor there.

We’ve reached the point at which your need to put Biden out there as evidence that he’s still sentient and capable doesn’t outweigh the damage he does when he opens his trap and blabbers out dangerous inanities.

This has been a consistent problem, as we all know, but over the weekend when you inflicted him on the Poles it came to a head.

Biden told a bunch of American soldiers that they’d see how courageous the Ukrainians have been in contending with the Russians who’ve invaded their country “when you get there.”

Shouldn’t Congress be sprinting to make major changes to the War Powers Act in an effort to make sure Biden can’t bumble his way into a war none of us want?

Guys, we don’t have soldiers in Ukraine. Right? Even if we do, we aren’t publicly admitting that. This is basic stuff, isn’t it?

And, of course, you had to walk that back. Because we don’t have soldiers in Ukraine, and we aren’t sending them in. To do that would mean a congressional authorization and, effectively and literally, a declaration of war against the country with more nuclear weapons than any other on Earth.

You cannot be sending soldiers to fight in Ukraine against said nuclear juggernaut without putting all of us in more danger of annihilation than at any point since the Cuban Missile Crisis, and by the way Joe Biden is not John F. Kennedy.

So no.

You also had to walk it back when Biden started talking about using chemical weapons against the Russians. He said it in a “we would respond in kind” sort of way, but again: we are not a combatant in Ukraine right now, and we’ve been assured over and over again that it isn’t in our plans to be one. So there would be no reason to use chemical weapons when we’re not fighting on the battlefield to have them used against us.

Because if we were, then we’d be in a hot war against a nuclear superpower run by a guy who’s already threatened to nuke us if we got in just such a military conflict.

And while we shouldn’t necessarily be running away like a scalded dog over threats Vladimir Putin makes, there was a pretty solid consensus about five minutes ago that Ukraine isn’t worth risking a real-life enactment of The Day After. It isn’t acceptable that Joe Biden in his dementia-fog might suddenly dissent.

And so when Jake Sullivan, the Trump–Russia hoax-peddler serving as the national security adviser, directly contravened Biden and said flatly that we will not use chemical weapons, who’s the world supposed to believe?

Then he went off script and demanded Putin be removed from power as though he were Lindsey Graham on TRT injection day.

Your walk-back was, frankly, not all that good:

Driving the news: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” Biden said to a crowd gathered in Warsaw. While meeting with refugees earlier, he told reporters that Putin was “a butcher.”

A White House official said after Biden’s remarks: “The President’s point was that Putin cannot be allowed to exercise power over his neighbors or the region. He was not discussing Putin’s power in Russia, or regime change.”

Look, this is three stupid statements that escalate the threat of a real war — not just the low-level rent-a-win actions that our woke generals and clown politicians still managed to lose over the past two decades — in one trip abroad.

Don’t send this man abroad again. Just don’t do it.

Then you put him in front of the cameras again on Monday and this happened:

Oh, so now he publicly advertises we have troops in Poland training the Ukrainians?


And now you had to walk that back, too:

“There are Ukrainian soldiers in Poland interacting on a regular basis with U.S. troops, and that’s what the President was referring to,” a White House official said, clarifying Biden’s remarks.

Right. Got it.

Biden also denied he was walking back anything he said, despite you guys doing just that. Is he in control, or are you? (READ MORE from Scott McKay: Who Will Beat the Left?)

And shouldn’t Congress be sprinting to make major changes to the War Powers Act in an effort to make sure Biden can’t bumble his way into a war none of us want?

As Tucker Carlson noted, Joe Biden is leading us dangerously close to a major war that we would be in real danger of losing, with massive casualties not just to our servicemen being fed into the meat grinder but among civilian Americans as well.

It’s too much to ask the obvious and, likely, inevitable — that the 25th Amendment be invoked to put this deranged, senile old man out of his professional misery. That isn’t even an attractive option, because we’ve seen plenty enough of Kamala Harris to know she’s a sparkling fiasco in her own right; thanks a lot for giving her to us as a vice president.

So since getting rid of Biden isn’t in the cards, we’re back to our original request: shut him up, and shut him down. The less we see and hear of this atrocious, drooling, disgrace of a president, the better.

Scott McKay
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